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Dr. Steven Shnyder

Information about Dr. Steven Shnyder at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Steve Shnyder is a Senior Lecturer in Cancer Biology at the ICT. He has thirty-five years’ experience as a research scientist: 30 years post-doctoral, 18 months in a start-up pharma, with the past 24 years in a preclinical cancer pharmacology environment at Bradford. He has over 30 years’ experience of working with small mammals, mainly in the preclinical cancer pharmacology field. In his current position he is a Home Office Project and Personal Licence holder and is involved in the management and practical execution of Research and Knowledge Transfer in vivo and in vitro studies carried out at the ICT, working with both UK-based and international clients. His team has contributed to the screening packages of several novel anti-cancer compounds which have subsequently progressed to clinical trials and beyond, using both cell-based and in vivo technologies. He is an author on 80+ journal articles and numerous conference publications as well as four book chapters on in vivo methodology. In addition he has significant experience in the areas of histopathology, biochemistry and cell biology. He line manages a Research Associate whose focus is in vivo studies, and a Research Technician whose focus is in vitro screening. He is a strong proponent of 3Rs philosophy, always striving to apply the 3Rs to all the work he does, and he has been a co-investigator on 2 project grants and a studentship specifically aimed at improving methodology in preclinical cancer pharmacology from a 3Rs standpoint. Aside from this, his main research interests are focused around identifying mechanisms of drug resistance in colorectal cancer.


Characterisation of the reticuloplasmins as anticancer drug targets. Pharmacology of vascular disrupting agents. Development of 3Rs methodologies. Exploitation of the fluorescent properties of anti-cancer therapeutics for utilisation in assessment of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic end-points. Evaluation of the drugability of the tumour cell glycocalyx. Research Team Patricia Cooper, Experimental Officer Gary Lawson, Research Technician Marcella Sini, YCR Programme Grant Postdoctoral Researcher (with L Patterson, P Loadman, R Falconer & K Pors)

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