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Dr Steven Shnyder

Associate Professor

Faculty/Dept/School School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 235898


Dr Steve Shnyder, is a Senior Lecturer in Cancer Biology at the ICT. He has thirty years’ experience as a research scientist: 24 years post-doctoral, 18 months in a start-up pharma, with the past 18 years in a preclinical cancer pharmacology environment at Bradford. He has over 25 years’ experience of working with small mammals, mainly in the preclinical cancer pharmacology field. In his current position he is a Home Office Project and Personal Licence holder and is involved in the management and practical execution of Research and Knowledge Transfer in vivo and in vitro studies carried out at the ICT, working with both UK-based and international clients. His team has contributed to the screening packages of several novel anti-cancer compounds which have subsequently progressed to clinical trials and beyond, using both cell-based and in vivo technologies. He is an author on 65+ journal articles and numerous conference publications as well as three book chapters on in vivo methodology. In addition he has significant experience in the areas of histopathology, biochemistry and cell biology. He line manages an Experimental Officer whose focus is in vivo studies, and a Research Technician whose focus is in vitro screening. He is a strong proponent of 3Rs philosophy, always striving to apply the 3Rs to all the work he does, and he has been a co-investigator on 2 project grants and a studentship specifically aimed at improving methodology in preclinical cancer pharmacology from a 3Rs standpoint.


Characterisation of the reticuloplasmins as anticancer drug targets. Pharmacology of vascular disrupting agents. Development of 3Rs methodologies. Exploitation of the fluorescent properties of anti-cancer therapeutics for utilisation in assessment of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic end-points. Evaluation of the drugability of the tumour cell glycocalyx. Research Team Patricia Cooper, Experimental Officer Gary Lawson, Research Technician Marcella Sini, YCR Programme Grant Postdoctoral Researcher (with L Patterson, P Loadman, R Falconer & K Pors)

Professional activities

  • London - PhD
  • Bradford - MPhil
  • Bradford - BSc

  • British Association of Cancer Research (BACR)
  • British Society of Cell Biology (BSCB)


TitleA Proteomic Investigation to Discover Candidate Proteins Involved in Novel Mechanisms of 5-Fluorouracil Resistance in Colorectal Cancer (2024)
AuthorsMario Ortega Duran, Sadr ul Shaheed , Christopher W. Sutton and Steven D. Shnyder
DOI 10.3390/cells13040342
TitleSynthesis and Biological Evaluation of Cyclobutane-Based β3 Integrin Antagonists: A Novel Approach to Targeting Integrins for Cancer Therapy (2023)
AuthorsMark Sutherland, Andrew Gordon, Fatemah OFO Al-Shammari, Adam Throup, Amy Cilia La Corte, Helen Philippou, Steven D Shnyder, Laurence H Patterson, Helen M Sheldrake
TitleThe role of MT1-MMP in the progression and metastasis of osteosarcoma (2022)
AuthorsSpencer, H.L.M.; Shnyder, S.D.; Loadman, P.M.; Falconer, R.A.
JournalJournal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment
TitleSemi-Synthetic Analogues of Cryptolepine as a Potential Source of Sustainable Drugs for the Treatment of Malaria, Human African Trypanosomiasis and Cancer (2022)
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JournalFrontiers in Pharmacology
DOIdoi: 10.3389/fphar.2022.875647
TitleCytochrome P450 isoforms 1A1, 1B1 AND 2W1 as targets for therapeutic intervention in head and neck cancer. (2021)
AuthorsPresa D;Khurram SA;Zubir AZA;Smarakan S;Cooper PA;Morais GR;Sadiq M;Sutherland M;Loadman PM;McCaul J;Shnyder SD;Patterson LH;Pors K;
JournalScientific Reports
TitleProbing cytochrome P450 (CYP) bioactivation with chloromethylindoline bioprecursors derived from the duocarmycin family of compounds (2021)
AuthorsNatalia Ortuzar, Kersti Karu, Daniela Presa, Goreti R. Morais, Helen M. Sheldrake, Steve D. Shnyder, Francis M. Barnieh, Paul M. Loadman, Laurence H. Patterson, Klaus Pors, Mark Searcey
TitleAn assay for quantitative analysis of polysialic acid expression in cancer cells (2021)
AuthorsGuo, X.; Elkashef, S.M.; Patel, A.; Ribeiro Morais, G.; Shnyder S.D.; Loadman, P.M.; Patterson, L.H.; Falconer, R.A.
JournalCarbohydrate Polymers
TitleProbing cytochrome P450 (CYP) bioactivation with chloromethylindoline bioprecursors derived from the duocarmycin family of compounds. (2021)
AuthorsOrtuzar N;Karu K;Presa D;Morais GR;Sheldrake HM;Shnyder SD;Barnieh FM;Loadman PM;Patterson LH;Pors K;Searcey M;
JournalBioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
TitleApplication of Small Molecule FPR1 Antagonists in the Treatment of Cancers (2020)
AuthorsDjevdet S. Ahmet, Haneen A. Basheer, Anwar Salem, Di Lu, Amin Aghamohammadi, Patrick Weyerhäuser, Andrea Bordiga, Juman Almeniawi, Sabah Rashid, Patricia A. Cooper, Steven D. Shnyder, Victoria Vinader, and Kamyar Afarinkia
JournalScientific Reports
TitleAn efficient assay for identification and quantitative evaluation of potential polysialyltransferase inhibitors. (2020)
AuthorsGuo X; Malcolm J.R.; Ali M.M.; Ribeiro Morais G; Shnyder S.D.; Loadman P.M.; Patterson L.H.; Falconer R.A.
TitlePreclinical Anticancer Activity of an Electron-Deficient Organoruthenium(II) Complex (2020)
AuthorsSoldevila-Barreda J.J.;Azmanova M.;Pitto-Barry A.;Cooper P.A.;Shnyder S.D.;Barry N.P.E.
TitleTumor growth suppression using a combination of taxol-based therapy and GSK3 inhibition in non-small cell lung cancer (2019)
AuthorsO'Flaherty, L.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Cooper, Patricia A.; Cross, S.J.; Wakefield, J.G.; Pardo, O.E.; Seckl, M.J.; Tavare, J.M.
TitleHypoxia modulates CCR7 expression in head and neck cancers (2018)
AuthorsBasheer, Haneen A.; Pakanavicius, E.; Cooper, Patricia A.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Martin, L.; Hunter, K.D.; Vinader, Victoria; Afarinkia, Kamyar
TitlePreclinical anti-cancer activity and multiple mechanisms of action of a cationic silver complex bearing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands (2017)
AuthorsAllison, Simon J.; Sadiq, Maria; Baronou, Efstathia; Cooper, Patricia A.; Dunnill, C.; Georgopoulos, N.T.; Latif, A.; Shepherd, S.L.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Stratford, I.J.; Wheelhouse, Richard T.; Willans, C.; Phillips, Roger M.
JournalCancer Letters
TitleTubulin-binding dibenz[c,e]oxepines: Part 2.1Structural variation and biological evaluation as tumour vasculature disrupting agents (2017)
AuthorsRossington S.;Hadfield J.;Shnyder S.;Wallace T.;Williams K.
JournalBioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
TitleAgarose Spot as a Comparative Method for in situ Analysis of Simultaneous Chemotactic Responses to Multiple Chemokines (2017)
AuthorsAhmed, Mohaned S.A.; Basheer, Haneen A.; Ayuso, J.M.; Ahmet, Djevdet; Mazzini, Marco; Patel, Roshan; Shnyder, Steven D.; Vinader, Victoria; Afarinkia, Kamyar
TitleRGD-Binding Integrins in Head and Neck Cancers (2017)
AuthorsAhmedah, H.T.; Patterson, Laurence H.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Sheldrake, Helen M.
TitleTubulin-binding dibenz[c,e]oxepines. Part 2. 1 Structural variation and biological evaluation as tumour vasculature disrupting agents (2017)
AuthorsRossington, S.B.; Hadfield, J.A.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Wallace, T.W.; Williams, K.J.
TitleThe use of thermographic imaging to evaluate therapeutic response in human tumour xenograft models (2016)
AuthorsHussain, Nosheen; Connah, David; Ugail, Hassan; Cooper, Patricia A.; Falconer, Robert A.; Patterson, Laurence H.; Shnyder, Steven D.
JournalScientific Reports
TitlePIK3CA dependence and sensitivity to therapeutic targeting in urothelial carcinoma (2016)
AuthorsRoss, R.L.; McPherson, H.R.; Kettlewell, L.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Hurst, C.D.; Alder, O.; Knowles, M.A.
TitleThe Effect of Polysialic Acid Expression on Glioma Cell Nano-mechanics (2016)
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TitleProbing cytochrome P450-mediated activation with a truncated azinomycin analogue (2015)
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TitleStudy of the chemotactic response of multicellular spheroids in a microfluidic device (2015)
AuthorsAyuso, J.M.; Basheer, Haneen A.; Monge, R.; Sánchez-Álvarez, P.; Doblare, M.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Vinader, Victoria; Afarinkia, Kamyar; Fernandez, L.J.; Ochoa, I.
TitleThin-layer chromatography/matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry imaging for the analysis of phospholipids in LS174T colorectal adenocarcinoma xenografts treated with the vascular disrupting agent DMXAA (2015)
AuthorsBatubara, A.; Carolan, V.A.; Loadman, Paul M.; Sutton, Chris W.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Clench, M.R.
JournalRapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry
TitlePotent organometallic osmium compounds induce mitochondria-mediated apoptosis and S-phase cell cycle arrest in A549 non-small cell lung cancer cells (2014)
Authorsvan Rijt, S.H.; Romero-Canelón, I.; Fu, Y.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Sadler, P.J.
TitleTumor-Targeted Prodrug ICT2588 Demonstrates Therapeutic Activity Against Solid Tumors and Reduced Potential For Cardiovascular Toxicity (2014)
AuthorsGill, Jason H.; Loadman, Paul M.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Cooper, Patricia A.; Atkinson, Jennifer M.; Ribeiro Morais, Goreti; Patterson, Laurence H.; Falconer, Robert A.
JournalMolecular Cancer Therapeutics
TitleNCAM polysialylation during adherence transitions: Live cell monitoring using an antibody-mimetic EGFP-endosialidase and the viability dye DRAQ7 (2013)
AuthorsSmith P.;Furon E.;Wiltshire M.;Chappell S.;Patterson L.;Shnyder S.;Falconer R.;Errington R.
JournalCytometry Part A
TitlePharmacological Inhibition of polysialyltransferase ST8SiaII Modulates Tumour Cell Migration (2013)
AuthorsAl-Saraireh, Yousef M.J.; Sutherland, Mark H.; Springett, Bradley R.; Freiberger, F.; Ribeiro Morais, Goreti; Loadman, Paul M.; Errington, R.J.; Smith, P.J.; Fukuda, M.; Gerardy-Schahn, R.; Patterson, Laurence H.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Falconer, Robert A.
JournalPLoS ONE
TitleRe-engineering of the Duocarmycin Structural Architecture Enables Bioprecursor Development Targeting CYP1A1 and CYP2W1 for Biological Activity (2013)
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TitleAntitumor activity of a duocarmycin analogue rationalized to be metabolically activated by cytochrome P450 1A1 in human transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder (2013)
AuthorsSutherland, Mark H.; Gill, Jason H.; Loadman, Paul M.; Laye, Jonathan P.; Sheldrake, Helen M.; Illingworth, Nicola A.; Alandas, Mohammed N.; Cooper, Patricia A.; Searcey, M.; Pors, Klaus; Shnyder, Steven D.; Patterson, Laurence H.
TitleColon cancer-specific cytochrome P450 2W1 converts duocarmycin analogues into potent tumor cytotoxins (2013)
AuthorsTravica, S.; Pors, Klaus; Loadman, Paul M.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Johansson, I.; Alandas, Mohammed N.; Sheldrake, Helen M.; Mkrtchian, S.; Patterson, Laurence H.; Ingelman-Sundberg, M.
TitleTargeting of Hypoxia in AQ4N-treated Tumour Xenografts by MALDI-Ion Mobility Separation-Mass Spectrometry Imaging (2013)
AuthorsDjidja, M-C.; Francese, S.; Claude, E.; Loadman, Paul M.; Sutton, Chris W.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Cooper, Patricia A.; Patterson, Laurence H.; Carolan, V.A.; Clench, M.R.
TitleParallel RNA interference screens identify EGFR activation as an escape mechanism in FGFR3-mutant cancer (2013)
AuthorsHerrera-Abreu, M.T.; Pearson, A.; Campbell, J.; Shnyder, Steven D.; Knowles, M.A.; Ashworth, A.; Turner, N.C.
TitlePolysialyltransferase: A new target in metastatic cancer (2012)
AuthorsFalconer R.;Errington R.;Shnyder S.;Smith P.;Patterson L.
JournalCurrent Cancer Drug Targets
TitleSynthesis and biological evaluation of colchicine B-ring analogues tethered with halogenated benzyl moieties (2012)
AuthorsCosentino L.;Redondo-Horcajo M.;Zhao Y.;Santos A.;Chowdury K.;Vinader V.;Abdallah Q.;Abdel-Rahman H.;Fournier-Dit-Chabert J.;Shnyder S.;Loadman P.;Fang W.;Díaz J.;Barasoain I.;Burns P.;Pors K.
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TitleSynthesis and biological evaluation of colchicine C-ring analogues tethered with aliphatic linkers suitable for prodrug derivatisation (2012)
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TitleUse of the hollow fiber assay for the evaluation of DNA damaging agents (2011)
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TitleThe microtubule depolymerizing agent CYT997 causes extensive ablation of tumor vasculature in vivo (2011)
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TitleAdenovirus-mediated hypoxia-targeted gene therapy using HSV thymidine kinase and bacterial nitroreductase prodrug-activating genes in vitro and in vivo (2011)
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TitleUse of the hollow fibre assay for studies of tumor neovasculature. (2009)
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TitleDevelopment of a modified hollow fibre assay for studying agents targeting the tumour neovasculature. (2009)
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TitleTriplex profiling of functionally distinct chaperones (ERp29/PDI/BiP) reveals marked heterogeneity of the endoplasmic reticulum proteome in cancer (2008)
AuthorsShnyder S.;Mangum J.;Hubbard M.
JournalJournal of Proteome Research
TitleSingle-chain TNF, a TNF derivative with enhanced stability and antitumoral activity (2008)
AuthorsKrippner-Heidenreich A.;Grunwald I.;Zimmermann G.;Kühnle M.;Gerspach J.;Sterns T.;Shnyder S.;Gill J.;Männel D.;Pfizenmaier K.;Scheurich P.
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TitleA cytotoxic diterpenoid from Croton membranaceus, the major constituent of anticancer herbal formulations in Ghana (2008)
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TitleSodium pancratistatin 3,4-O-cyclic phosphate, a water-soluble synthetic derivative of pancratistatin, is highly effective in a human colon tumor model (2008)
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TitleA cytotoxic diterpenoid from Croton membranaceus, the major constituent of anticancer herbal formulations used in Ghana (2008)
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TitleOncology Activity (2015)
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Other typeReviews
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Other typeReviews
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Other typeReviews
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Title Author(s)
A non-invasive 2D digital imaging method for detection of surface lesions using machine learning (2017)Hussain N.;Cooper P.;Shnyder S.;Ugail H.;Bukar A.;Connah D.