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Professor Saeed Akbar

Information about Professor Saeed Akbar at the University of Bradford.

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Saeed Akbar is Professor of Accounting and Finance, and Head of Accounting, Finance and Economics, at the University of Bradford School of Management. He holds a PhD in Accounting and Finance from the Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, an MA from the University of Liverpool, and a BBA and MBA from the University Peshawar. He is a Qualified Accountant and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants [CIMA], with the titles 'FCMA and CGMA'. Prior to joining the University of Bradford, he was a Professor in Accounting and Finance, and Head of Accounting and Finance Subject Group at the Hull University Business School, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at the University of Liverpool, and MBA tutor at the Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. His research output has been published extensively in leading international journals, such as, British Journal of Management, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, The British Accounting Review, Accounting Forum, The International Journal of Accounting, International Review of Financial Analysis, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Journal of Business Research, and International Journal of Management Reviews, amongst others. His main research area covers the relationship between accounting information and stock prices, while his other broad areas of research expertise include performance measurement, corporate governance, risk management, empirical finance, accounting regulation, sustainable finance and accounting, green banking, and net zero and productivity.


Capital Markets Research in Accounting, Accounting disclosure and Regulation, Accounting Valuation of Intangible Assets, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Empirical Finance, Performance Measurement, and Net Zero - Productivity and Sustainability.

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Accounting and Finance

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Financial AccountingManagement AccountingAccounting TheoryAdvanced Management AccountingCapital Markets and InstitutionsAdvanced Financial and Management AccountingCorporate FinanceThe Financial System and Risk Management,Introduction to Accounting and FinanceIssues in Accounting and Accountability

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