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Rachel Sammut

Information about Rachel Sammut at the University of Bradford.

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Rachel Sammut joined the School of Management in September 2021 as a Lecturer in Marketing and BSc Marketing Programme Lead. Prior to joining the University of Bradford, she spent nearly a decade serving as a Marketing Consultant for leading Digital Marketing agencies across the UK and Canada. Given this experience, her teaching approach is very learner-centric and focuses on the benefits of practical application within learning.  Rachel currently holds a Master of Business Administration and BA(Hons) in Business and Marketing Management from the University of Gloucestershire, along with an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Marketing (Brand Management Specialization) from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada. She is currently complin the final stages of completing her PhD at the University of Bradford, focusing on the impact of voice-controlled smart assistants on consumer behaviour. Her research and teaching interests primarily revolve around digital marketing, consumer behaviour, and artificial intelligence. 


Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behaviour


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Teaching interests

Drawing on nearly a decade of industry experience consulting with Digital Marketing agencies across the UK and Canada, Rachel has a wealth of practical knowledge on Digital and Content Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, and Marketing strategy and management. Rachel has taught Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategy modules at Undergraduate level such as Digital and Social Media Marketing, Digital Campaign Planning and Content Management, and Marketing Management and Strategy in a Digital Age.

Teaching highlights

In the 22/23 semester I had the fantastic opportunity of working with Bradford City AFC to develop a future-focused assessment and marketing brief for my MAR6014 Digital Campaign Planning and Content Management module.The aim of the assessment was to provide insight into what marketing actually looks like outside of university context, while allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of marketing theory in an exciting and relevant manner. Alongside collaborating on the assessment, the BCAFC team joined us in teaching the module to deliver a guest lecture that gave students direct insight into sports marketing and what a role in digital marketing entails. Upon the completion of the assignment, the top 5 students were given the opportunity to pitch their marketing plans to the BCAFC marketing team at the University of Bradford stadium, providing invaluable experience that many quoted to be "something they will never forget" and "the highlight of their time at the University of Bradford".

Teaching modules

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Professional activities

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