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Dr. Raluca Lefticaru

Information about Dr. Raluca Lefticaru at the University of Bradford.

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Raluca is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and the programme leader for the BEng Software Engineering course. She is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and a Visiting Researcher at the University of Sheffield, affiliated with the Testing group. Her research interests include software testing, especially model-based testing using evolutionary approaches, formal specification methodologies, P systems testing and verification. Recent activities: Invited speaker at CMC 2022. Conference organiser: YISEC 2023, AIERC 2022, A-MOST 2021, AIERC 2021, A-MOST 2020. PC member: ICTSS2023, FMAS2023, YISEC 2023, ANT 2023, SEFM 2022, FMAS 2022, ICTSS 2022, AIERC 2022, ICSE 2022, SEFM2021, FMAS 2021, EDMA-2021, CEC-ECST 2021, A-MOST 2021, AIERC 2021, FMAS 2020, SSBSE 2020, CEC-ECST 2020, A-MOST 2020.Reviewer: WCCI 2022


Research InterestsSoftware TestingModel-Based TestingSearch-Based Software EngineeringMembrane ComputingSimulation and VerificationProfessional ActivitiesCo-chair of the Yorkshire Innovation in Science and Engineering Conference (YISEC 2023), Bradford, UK, 15-16 June 2023 Invited speaker at the 23rd Conference on Membrane Computing (CMC 2022), Trieste, Italy, September 2022Co-chair of the 5th Annual Innovative Engineering Research Conference (AIERC 2022), Bradford, UK, 17 June 2022Co-chair of the 17th Workshop on Advances in Model-Based Testing (A-MOST 2021), 12 April, 2021, co-located with ICST 2021Co-chair of the 4th Annual Innovative Engineering Research Conference (AIERC 2021), Bradford, UK, 23 April 2021Co-chair of the 16th Workshop on Advances in Model-Based Testing (A-MOST 2020), 24 October, 2020, co-located with ICST 2020Co-chair of the Student and Short Paper Track at the 11th Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering (SSBSE 2019), Tallinn, Estonia, 31 Aug–2 Sep, 2019Communication Chair of the 18th International Conference on Membrane Computing (CMC18), Bradford, UK, 24–28 July, 2017PC MemberICTSS2023, FMAS2023, YISEC 2023, ANT 2023, FMAS2022, SEFM 2022, ICTSS 2022, WCCI 2022, AIERC 2022, ICSE 2022, SEFM 2021, FMAS 2021, EDMA-2021, A-MOST 2021, CEC-ECST2021, AIERC 2021, FMAS 2020, A-MOST 2020, SSBSE 2020, CEC-ECST2020, SSBSE 2019, CMC19, WMC 2018, EDMA 2017, SSBSE 2016, SSBSE 2015, WS-FMDS 2014, CSB 2014, SSBSE 2014, WS-FMDS 2013, WS-FMDS 2012, MOTIP 2010, MOTIP 2009ReviewerExpert Systems International Journal of Computer MathematicsInternational Journal of Computers, Communications and ControlInternational Journal of Natural Computing ResearchInternational Journal of Unconventional ComputingJournal of Membrane Computing Journal of Optimization Journal of Software: Evolution and Process Journal of Systems and Software Metaheuristics Romanian Journal of Information Science and TechnologyScience of Computer ProgrammingSoft Computing Software Testing, Verification and ReliabilityTheoretical Computer Science

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