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Professor Richard Nyuur

Information about Professor Richard Nyuur at the University of Bradford.

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Richard Nyuur, is Head of International Business, Marketing and Strategy Department and Professor of International Business at the University of Bradford School of Management. Prior to joining the University of Bradford, he was an Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy at Newcastle Business School (Northumbria University, UK), and held a number of leadership roles including the Head and Deputy Head of the Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation Department, and the Faculty Director of Study Abroad and International Student Wellbeing, among others, all within the Faculty of Business and Law. His research broadly engages with international business and strategy focusing specifically on foreign direct investment (FDI); SME internationalisation, international innovation and strategic adaptiveness; international human resource management, and corporate social responsibility. His publications have appeared in top-tier journals such as, British Journal of Management, Journal of International Management, International Marketing Review, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Small Business Management, International Journal of HRM, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Multinational Business Review, Critical Perspectives on International Business, Thunderbird International Business Review, Human Resource Development International, and International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics. He has successfully co-guest edited special issues for Critical Perspectives of International Business journal, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management Journal. Richard currently serves on the editorial boards of Critical Perspectives of international Business, Journal of African Business, and European Journal of Economics and Management. He is also a Fellow of the Institute for Trade and Innovation (Offenburg University, Germany).


My research interests lie in the sub-discipline of international business and strategy focusing specifically on (1) firms internationalisation and their post-internationalisation strategic adaptiveness in emerging economies; (2) how foreign firms’ practices through both market and non-market strategies such as international human resource management, and corporate social responsibility activities affect local firms in emerging economies; and (3) how technology and knowledge transfer can support business operations and the internationalisation of firms from developing/emerging countries. I examine these issues in small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational enterprises, particularly in contexts of weak institutions.


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