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Professor Peter Mitchell

Information about Professor Peter Mitchell at the University of Bradford.

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I completed my degrees at the University of Liverpool(psychology, specializing in cognitive development), worked for three years atBirmingham as a postdoc, followed by a lectureship at Swansea, followed by afurther period at Birmingham as senior lecturer, followed by a period ofseveral years at Nottingham as professor. I also held posts at McGill (Canada),Oxford and Warwick. I served as Head of the School of Psychology atNottingham’s UK campus (2005-2009) before taking on the role of founding headof psychology at Nottingham’s campus in Malaysia (2009-2012) and Dean of Science(2010-2014).I have a long-standing involvement with the BritishPsychological Society (BPS), having served as editor-in-chief of the BPSflagship journal, the British Journal of Psychology (2007-2012), and as chairof the developmental section of the BPS (a role I hold currently). I also havea long-standing involvement with ESRC, a branch of UK Research and Innovation,having served as chief examiner of ESRC’s national PhD studentship competitionand latterly as chair of ESRC grant assessment panel A and member of ESRC grantdelivery group (2015-2019). I have won nine ESRC project grants to date, eitheras PI or CI (currently I am PI on one and CI on another). I have a strong commitment to learning, education and thestudent experience. I am author of a first-year undergraduate textbook ondevelopmental psychology (Fundamentals ofDevelopmental Psychology, published by Psychology Press/T&F) and I leda project on how we encourage our students to utilize mobile devices tooptimize their learning.


The developing ability to interpret signals in other people's behaviour; how this ability impacts on social, emotional and cognitive development; how this ability varies across different cultures, in a way that leads to different developmental trajectories.


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Teaching interests

Cognitive development, person perception, developmental disorders