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Dr Paul Spencer

Associate Professor

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Eng & Digital Technologies
Telephone +441274 235808


Dr Paul Spencer joined the IRC Polymer Engineering Laboratories in 2005, having previously worked in the Mechanics of Materials Group at Leicester University. His background is in Computational Solid State Physics, gaining his PhD from Loughborough University. Recently he has been working on a variety of academic and industrially-led research projects involving experimental and Finite Element investigations of polymeric materials at large deformations.


- Finite Element Analysis: Abaqus user-defined materials, contact problems, non-linear analysis, large deformations, Python scripting.
- Mechanics of solid polymers: Oriented polymers, shape memory polymers, constitutive modelling.
- Polymer composites: Multi-phase systems, and numerical modelling of nano-reinforced polymer composites.
- Materials modelling techniques: Continuum mechanics, molecular models, multi-scale schemes, and Monte Carlo simulation.
- Solid phase polymer processing: Experimental, numerical and theoretical analysis of processes such as die-drawing.
- Polymer characterisation: Mechanical stress/strain/rate characterisation, image-based measurement and analysis of deformation behaviour at large strains.


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AuthorsStephen Rimmer, Paul Spencer, Davide Nocita, John Sweeney, Marcus Harrison and Thomas Swift
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TitleHighly improved PP/CNTs sheet prepared by tailoring crystallization morphology through solid-phase die drawing and multilayer hot compression (2020)
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JournalPolymer Crystallization
TitleBreakage of carbon nanotube agglomerates within polypropylene matrix by solid phase die drawing (2020)
AuthorsLin X.;Gong M.;Innes J.;Spencer P.;Coates P.;Korde S.
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TitleMicro-contact reconstruction of adjacent carbon nanotubes in polymer matrix through annealing-Induced relaxation of interfacial residual stress and strain (2015)
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