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Dr. Fin Caton-Rose

Information about Dr. Fin Caton-Rose at the University of Bradford.

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Graduated in Engineering for Design and Manufacture (BEng) at Hull University in 1992 before starting work on the design, build and testing of a ceramic water pump for the Water Hydraulics Research Group at the same University. In 1995 Dr Caton-Rose registered for an industrially sponsored PhD into the computer modelling of large strain deformation for geogrid applications. Dr Caton-Rose graduated in January 2000, having joined the Polymer Engineering research group as a research member of staff the previous September. Dr Caton-Rose became a Research Investment Lecturer in 2003 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Polymer Engineering in 2006. Dr Caton-Rose is the Manager of the Solid Phase Polymer Processing Group and Manager of the Computer Modelling Research Centre within the Polymer IRC. In 2013 he became Head of Product Design, in the School of Engineering, Design and Technology, and in 2014 was appointed Head of Design in the newly formed School of Media, Design and Technology until November 2015. In 2022 he became Head of the Department of Media Design and Technology. He is a member of the Centre of Advanced Materials Engineering and Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology. Dr Caton-Rose has taught across the Design and Engineering disciplines with specific interests in computer aided design (both traditional and freeform), finite element analysis, digital prototyping, individual and group studio projects and motion capture. His current research activities include fibre orientation and fibre breakage studies during the injection moulding of composite materials (both computational and experimental), advanced process visualisation, solid phase deformation, biocompatitble and bioresorbable polymers, shape memory polymers, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.


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Computer aided engineering, engineering design, motion capture, digital scanning and reverse engineering.

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