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Dr. Olushola Kolawole

Information about Dr. Olushola Kolawole at the University of Bradford.

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Olushola holds a Ph.D. in Operations and Supply Chain Management from the University of Bradford, School of Management, United Kingdom. He also possesses a Master's degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, United Kingdom, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Research Methods from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor's degree in Economics.In September 2021, Olushola received a Global Talent Endorsement (GTE) from the United Kingdom Government, acknowledging his exceptional leadership in his field. He has extensive experience leading workshops, delivering lectures, and managing projects in the field of supply chain management, project management, and business management at renowned institutions such as Buckingham New University, London, and The University of Essex (Online). He has also served as a visiting lecturer at Royal Holloway University, London. Before joining the University of Bradford, he held a position as a lecturer at Teesside University, International Business School.In addition to his academic achievements, Olushola has a strong industry background, having served as the Head of Logistics for the African Union Commission Mission in West African Countries, namely Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Prior to relocating to the UK, he held various prominent positions in Nigerian government establishments. His wealth of experience as an accomplished administrator adds to his excellence in his field.Olushola is an accomplished author, having published three books on social and cultural issues. He is a regular guest on a prominent Nigerian business television show and also hosts a weekly radio show on AP Radio UK called "The OAK Book Review."


1. Humanitarians Supply Chain/logistics 2. Circular Economy/Sustainability3. Food waste and loss reduction4. Supply chain management relationship5. Double-loop learning as a problem-solving technique6. Lean, and Lean Six Sigma (LSS)7. Procurement8. Supply Chain Strategies9. Application of Artificial Intelligence in supply chain management field10. Risks and Project Management


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I teach Supply Chain Management Courses, Circular Economy, Big Data module, Artificial Intelligence, Research methods and other business modules


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