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Dr. Wuth Muenjohn

Information about Dr. Wuth Muenjohn at the University of Bradford.

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Nuttawuth (Wuth) is a researcher and educator at the University of Bradford School of Management. Aligned with his values, his research seeks to understand the context and demonstrate his respect for plural voices. His research is on leadership, cross-cultural and innovative practices, research that is designed to improve practice and productivity in organisations, and the experience of leaders and employees. His continuing commitment to research has been achieved through various research collaborations with international networks such as Australia, the US, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the UK.Wuths teaching is innovative, immersive and student-centric. Wuth is the Course Leader for the Managerial Leadership and Cross-Cultural Management courses. Before joining the University of Bradford, he was the Lead and Global Coordinator for a leadership course offered in five locations: Australia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, and online. Wuth has successfully mentored and supervised 19 PhD graduates from highly diverse backgrounds. His PhD candidates consistently received several awards, grants, and publications. These achievements include Best Paper Conference Awards, Publication Grants, Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Student Awards, and publications in top-tier journals. Wuth is the Head of Global and Sustainable Business Futures (GSBF) Research at the University of Bradford School of Management. Before joining the University of Bradford, Wuth was the Program Director for the PhD in Management program at RMIT University in Australia. He also served as the Program Manager for the Bachelor of Business Management Program and was a member of the School Research Committee.Wuth has contributed to the research discipline's progress and growth by taking editorial leadership positions at prestigious journals, such as serving as a Regional Editor for The Asia Pacific Business Review (Taylor & Francis), was an Associate Editor for The Bottom Line Journal (Emerald Publishing) and was Guest Editor for The International Journal of Manpower (Emerald Insight).


Wuths research revolves around supporting business leaders in overcoming challenges and obstacles and fostering competitiveness and sustainability. He has authored and edited seven scholarly books and contributed twenty-three book chapters to renowned publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Palgrave Macmillan (UK), Routledge (UK), recognised as A* and A-ranked by the APSA. Wuth has authored over 100 referred publications in Top-Tier journals, including Financial Times 50, ABDC-A/A*, SJR Q1 rankings, the Academy of Management Conference, the Academy of International Business Conference and the British Academy of Management Conference. These publications have made a substantial impact and attention from international researchers, with over 2,300 citations, and achieved an h-index of 21 and an i10-index of 37.One noteworthy example of the impact of his publications is a Research Handbook that he published consists of 31 chapters and is described as a groundbreaking and comprehensive study of leadership…across a wide range of industrial sectors and organisation types (Prof Claire A. Simmers) that offers a framework for action bringing out the positives as well as confronting the negatives to leadership reform (Prof Alan Gregory, Monash University and Member of the Order of Australia). The Handbook is also endorsed by Prof John Miller, Professor and Officer in the Order of Australia, as a timely publication which will both challenge and inform its readers.His multidisciplinary research, global focus, and connections have enabled him to collaborate with leading international experts. He usually adopts a leadership role in collaborative projects. Among the fifteen funded projects, he was the Co-Chief or Chief Investigator in eleven, taking the lead or key role in writing, preparing, and submitting the applications. Wuth is currently supervising 17 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


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Teaching interests

Wuths teaching philosophy is derived from his interactions with students and colleagues as an educator and researcher and his experience as an executive in the industry in his earlier career. He is committed to providing students with engaging and rewarding learning experiences and a high-quality learning environment. His teaching strategies incorporate industry engagements and he uses his research extensively to inform the teaching. Wuth taught courses in leadership, strategic management, cross-cultural management, organisational behaviour, and international human resource management in various countries, including Australia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Indonesia while leading and coordinating these courses. He successfully led the curriculum design that helped students grasp skills applicable to real-world work and facilitated their connection with industry, preparing them for post-graduation life and work.

Teaching highlights

Research SupervisionWuth's research supervision is in the areas of Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. He successfully mentored and supervised 19 PhD candidates and 1 Master’s candidate to completion (13 as Primary Supervisor; and 7 as Associate Supervisor). His supervision and mentorship of PhD candidates go beyond their academic program. Wuth actively supports their career development, especially if they aspire to pursue an academic path. His PhD candidates have successfully pursued academic careers after graduation. They have accepted positions such as Post-Doctoral Fellows, Assistant Professors and Associate Professors in various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Ghana. The remaining candidates chose careers in industries. Wuth has examined nine doctoral theses. Below are Wuth's current research projects available to candidates wishing to apply for a PhD or DBA:Project: Effective Leadership requires a global mindset: The role of cultural intelligence in a digital transformation eraProject: Leading to Innovation: Developing Leadership Capability Framework for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)Project: Leadership for Responsible Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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