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Nick Snowden

Information about Nick Snowden at the University of Bradford.

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With over 25 years of experience as a senior lecturer, management trainer, business consultant, and as MBA Director at Hull University Business School, Nick has a rich, deep understanding of organisations and their behaviour.He started working life as an entrepreneur, and progressed to sharing his time between his business interests and education, teaching in several Universities and Colleges, in a range of contexts, while studying part-time for both an MBA (Henley) and a PhD (Hull). Having worked with a wide range of organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors, Nick focuses on providing leadership and management development for senior leaders in a global context. His research interests are in the fields of organisational storytelling, solving ‘wicked’ problems, and whistleblowing in healthcare, and has recently worked with industry on organisational culture development, and EDI challenges in the renewable energy sector.In his role as Bradford MBA Director, he is excited to be working on such a prestigious programme, with colleagues that are committed to the vision of the Management School and University. His goal is to continue to build on an already successful programme with a further commitment to tangibly build the skills that MBA graduates need to progress in their careers, to continue to grow the Bradford MBA community, and to provide progressive leaders from diverse backgrounds with access to the opportunities that high quality management education brings.


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