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Dr Natasha Alvarado

Senior Research Fellow - Applied Health

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Health Studies
Telephone +441274 233315


I joined the University of Bradford in September 2020 as a Senior Research Fellow in Applied Health Research. I am currently working on a project exploring the practices of falls risk assessment and prevention in hospitals using realist evaluation. My research interests include evaluating how complex healthcare interventions work using theory-driven approaches such as realist evaluation. I have experience of using multiple methods including qualitative interviews, observations, and focus groups.


My main research interests are the implementation and evaluation of complex interventions. I like to use programme theory approaches – typically realist evaluation – to explore how individuals/organisations interact with intervention resources.   I’ve conducted evaluations in the context or stroke care and rehabilitation, robotic surgery, audit and feedback and I'm currently working on a realist evaluation of the practices of falls risk assessment and prevention. 


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleQualDash: Adaptable Generation of Visualisation Dashboards for Healthcare Quality Improvement (2021)
AuthorsMai Elshehaly, Rebecca Randell, Matthew Brehmer, Lynn McVey, Natasha Alvarado, Chris P. Gale, Roy A. Ruddle
TitleAnalysis of a Web-Based Dashboard to Support the Use of National Audit Data in Quality Improvement: Realist Evaluation. (2021)
AuthorsAlvarado N;McVey L;Elshehaly M;Greenhalgh J;Dowding D;Ruddle R;Gale CP;Mamas M;Doherty P;West R;Feltbower R;Randell R;
JournalJournal of Medical Internet Research
TitleWhat supports and constrains the implementation of multifactorial falls risk assessment and tailored multifactorial falls prevention interventions in acute hospitals? Protocol for a realist review. (2021)
AuthorsRandell R;Wright JM;Alvarado N;Healey F;Dowding D;Smith H;Hardiker N;Gardner P;Ward S;Todd C;Zaman H;McVey L;Davey CJ;Woodcock D;
JournalBMJ Open
TitleHidden labour: The skilful work of clinical audit data collection and its implications for secondary use of data via integrated health IT (2021)
AuthorsMcVey, L., Alvarado, N., Greenhalgh, J., Elshehaly, M., Gale, C.P., Lake, J., Ruddle, R.A., Dowding, D., Mamas, M., Feltbower, R., Randell, R.
JournalBMC Health Services Research
PublisherSpringer/Biomed Central
TitleEvaluation of the enhanced upper limb therapy programme within the Robot-Assisted Training for the Upper Limb after Stroke trial: descriptive analysis of intervention fidelity, goal selection and goal achievement (2020)
AuthorsBosomworth H.;Rodgers H.;Shaw L.;Smith L.;Aird L.;Howel D.;Wilson N.;Alvarado N.;Andole S.;Cohen D.L.;Dawson J.;Fernandez-Garcia C.;Finch T.;Ford G.A.;Francis R.;Hogg S.;Hughes N.;Price C.I.;Ternent L.;Turner D.L.;Vale L.;Wilkes S.;Krebs H.I.;van Wijck F.
JournalClinical Rehabilitation
TitleHow, in what contexts, and why do quality dashboards lead to improvements in care quality in acute hospitals? Protocol for a realist feasibility evaluation. (2020)
AuthorsRandell R;Alvarado N;McVey L;Greenhalgh J;West RM;Farrin A;Gale C;Parslow R;Keen J;Elshehaly M;Ruddle RA;Lake J;Mamas M;Feltbower R;Dowding D;
JournalBMJ Open
TitleExploring variation in the use of feedback from national clinical audits: a realist investigation (2020)
AuthorsAlvarado, N; McVey, L; Greenhalgh, J; Dowding, D; Mamas, M; Gale, C; Doherty, P; Randell, R
JournalBMC Health Services Research
TitleInstitutional use of National Clinical Audits by healthcare providers (2020)
AuthorsMcVey L.;Alvarado N.;Keen J.;Greenhalgh J.;Mamas M.;Gale C.;Doherty P.;Feltbower R.;Elshehaly M.;Dowding D.;Randell R.
JournalJournal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
TitleRobot-assisted training compared with an enhanced upper limb therapy programme and with usual care for upper limb functional limitation after stroke: The ratuls three-group RCT (2020)
AuthorsRodgers H.;Bosomworth H.;Krebs H.I.;Van Wijck F.;Howel D.;Wilson N.;Finch T.;Alvarado N.;Ternent L.;Fernandez-Garcia C.;Aird L.;Andole S.;Cohen D.L.;Dawson J.;Ford G.A.;Francis R.;Hogg S.;Hughes N.;Price C.I.;Turner D.L.;Vale L.;Wilkes S.;Shaw L.
JournalHealth Technology Assessment
TitleRobot assisted training for the upper limb after stroke (RATULS): a multicentre randomised controlled trial (2019)
AuthorsRodgers H.;Bosomworth H.;Krebs H.I.;van Wijck F.;Howel D.;Wilson N.;Aird L.;Alvarado N.;Andole S.;Cohen D.L.;Dawson J.;Fernandez-Garcia C.;Finch T.;Ford G.A.;Francis R.;Hogg S.;Hughes N.;Price C.I.;Ternent L.;Turner D.L.;Vale L.;Wilkes S.;Shaw L.
TitleVariation in National Clinical Audit Data Capture: Is Using Routine Data the Answer? (2019)
AuthorsDowding DW;Alvarado N;McVey L;Mamas M;Randell R;
JournalStudies in Health Technology and Informatics
TitleFactors supporting and constraining the implementation of robot-assisted surgery: a realist interview study. (2019)
AuthorsRandell R;Honey S;Alvarado N;Greenhalgh J;Hindmarsh J;Pearman A;Jayne D;Gardner P;Gill A;Kotze A;Dowding D;
JournalBMJ Open
TitleHow do team experience and relationships shape new divisions of labour in robot-assisted surgery? A realist investigation. (2019)
AuthorsRandell R;Greenhalgh J;Hindmarsh J;Honey S;Pearman A;Alvarado N;Dowding D;
JournalHealth (United Kingdom)
TitleA realist process evaluation of robot-assisted surgery: integration into routine practice and impacts on communication, collaboration and decision-making (2017)
AuthorsRandell, R; Honey, S; Hindmarsh, J; Alvarado, N; Greenhalgh, J; Pearman, A; Long, A; Cope, A; Gill, A; Gardner, P; Kotze, A; Wilkinson, D; Jayne, D; Croft, J; Dowding, D
JournalHealth Services and Delivery Research
TitleEliciting Context-Mechanism-Outcome configurations: Experiences from a realist evaluation investigating the impact of robotic surgery on teamwork in the operating theatre (2017)
AuthorsAlvarado N.;Honey S.;Greenhalgh J.;Pearman A.;Dowding D.;Cope A.;Long A.;Jayne D.;Gill A.;Kotze A.;Randell R.
TitleEmbedding robotic surgery into routine practice and impacts on communication and decision making: a review of the experience of surgical teams (2016)
AuthorsRandell R.;Honey S.;Alvarado N.;Pearman A.;Greenhalgh J.;Long A.;Gardner P.;Gill A.;Jayne D.;Dowding D.
JournalCognition, Technology and Work
Published Reports
TitleDevelopment and evaluation of tools and an intervention to improve patient- and carer-centred outcomes in Longer-Term Stroke care and exploration of adjustment post stroke: the LoTS care research programme (2014)
AuthorsAnne Forster, Kirste Mellish, Amanda Farrin, Bipin Bhakta, Allan House , Jenny Hewison, Jenni Murray, Anita Patel, Martin Knapp , Rachel Breen, Katie Chapman, Ivana Holloway , Rebecca Hawkins, Rosemary Shannon, Jane Nixon, Adam Jowett, Mike Horton, Natasha Alvarado, Shamaila Anwar , Alan Tennant , Mary Godfrey, John Young
PublisherNIHR Journals Library
Title Author(s)
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