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Dr. Muhammad Waqas

Information about Dr. Muhammad Waqas at the University of Bradford.

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Muhammad Waqas joined the University of Bradford in January 2020. Previously, he has worked at the University of Leeds, University of York, University of Sheffield, and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He has published in prestigious 4* and 3* peer-reviewed journals. He has won research grants as a Principal Investigator from various prestigious funding bodies such as UKRI/ESRC. He has also contributed as a Co-Investigator to various national and multinational, and multi-disciplinary research grant bids with intra and inter-university colleagues. Muhammad is especially interested in the economics of migration, mental health, subjective well-being, applied microeconomics, and applied econometrics. Most of his research is on immigration, mental health, and the issues revolving around immigration. Muhammad’s doctorate is from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. In his PhD, he investigated the aspects of immigration and attitudes towards immigration in England and Wales. He also has dual M.Sc. Economics degrees from Sweden and Pakistan. To arrange a PAT or a Project Supervision meeting please book via the Virtual Office.


Immigration IssuesAttitudes towards immigrationSubjective wellbeingDiscriminationApplied MicroeconomicsApplied EconometricsLabour EconomicsHealth Economics


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Data AnalysisStataApplied EconometricsEconometricsStatistics

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Data AnalysisStataStatistics for EconomistsApplied EconometricsIntroductory EconometricsEconomic ApplicationsAdvanced Economics Development of Economic Ideas Intermediate Microeconomics

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