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Dr. Thang Ho

Information about Dr. Thang Ho at the University of Bradford.

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Thang Ho is currently a Lecturer in Finance and Accounting at the University of Bradford School of Management. He joined the University of Bradford in October 2022 after finishing his PhD in Finance at Lancaster University. Previously, he earned a Master's degree in Advanced Financial Analysis also from Lancaster University. Thang passed all 3 levels of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam consecutively in his first attempts over 2014-2016. Thang is an Advance HE Fellow.Thang's research interests lie in the areas of empirical asset pricing, derivative markets, institutional investors and sustainable finance. He now focuses on research about the performance of hedge funds in the cross-section, the effect of political risk on option pricing, and the effect of climate change concerns on the financial markets. His papers have been presented in many leading international conferences (for example, Asian Finance Association Conference, Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, Frontiers of Factor Investing Conference, etc.). Persnal WebsiteSSRN PUBLICATION(S):1. Ho, T., Kagkadis, A., Wang, G. (2024). Is firm-level political risk priced in the equity option market? Review of Asset Pricing Studies 14(1), p.153-195. 2. Ho, T. (2022). Climate Change News Sensitivity and Mutual Fund Performance. International Review of Financial Analysis, 83, p.1-15, 102331.WORKING PAPER(S):3. Bear Factor and Hedge Fund Performance (with Anastasios Kagkadis and George Wang). 4. The impact of mandatory ESG disclosure on the cost of equity capital: Global evidence (with Lam Dang, Trung Do, and Cameron Truong)


Empirical asset pricing, Portfolio management, institutional investors, Mutual fund and Hedge fund performance, Option pricing, and Climate finance..


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Financial reporting analysis, Quantitative methods in Finance, Portfolio Management, Equity Investment, and Corporate Finance.

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At the University of Bradford, I teach Quantitative Methods for Finance (Postgraduate) and Introduction to Finance (Undergraduate). I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students in their projects about Accounting and FinanceAt the Lancaster University, I worked as a teaching assistant. I have experience in teaching, marking, and mentoring students in various subjects such as Quantitative Methods for Finance, Financial Econometrics, Financial Databases, Introduction to Accounting and Finance, and Portfolio Management. I have experience in mentoring MSc students in their dissertation theses on topics related to factor investing and the cross-section of stock returns.

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