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Dr. Mark Sutherland

Information about Dr. Mark Sutherland at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Mark Sutherland is a Lecturer in Biochemistry in the School of Chemistry and Biosciences, University of Bradford. After completing his MSc in Microbiology at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa he worked for a few years as a school teacher and University Lecturer. He was offered a PhD at the Charite – Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin, Germany where he received his doctorate in Medical Biochemistry. He then worked for a number of years as a PDRA in Berlin in the field of immunotoxins. This work resulted in a number of publications, review articles and book chapters. In 2005 he moved to the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics at the University of Bradford. He carried out research for a number of projects within the Institute to generate proof-of-concept data for grant and patent applications. He also taught laboratory skills to MSc and PhD students, and lectured undergraduate and MSc students. His research was in the field of integrins as a target for new anti-cancer drugs in prostate cancer and melanoma, as well as the role of sialyltransferases in neuroblastoma. The research involves a wide range of methodologies including generating lentivirus knockout models (shRNA), development of an ELISA for biomarker analysis, protein expression/purification using GST-tagged protein in E.coli and luciferase reporter assays. This work has led to numerous publications, and successful grant applications. Dr Sutherland has vast experience in an array of Molecular Biology techniques including gene cloning, transformation/transfection, Western blotting, PCR and qPCR; as well as managing the Molecular Biology Laboratory. He started his current role as Lecturer in January 2019.

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