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Dr. Mojgan Najafzadeh,
Assistant Professor

Information about Dr. Mojgan Najafzadeh at the University of Bradford.

School of Chemistry & Biosciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
+44 1274 236290
Photo of Dr. Mojgan Najafzadeh


I am a qualified medical doctor with a speciality in internal medicine, graduated in 1998. My personal interest is in cytogenetic and cancer. My background of being a specialist in General Medicine provided me with a relatively good theoretical knowledge which helped me a lot in the field of research. This theoretical knowledge has grown in the last 10 years, with more focus on what I need to know as a researcher in genetics and toxicology with the interest in cancer.I started to work in the division of biomedical sciences at the University of Bradford in 2004 as a Visiting researcher. My PhD course was begun in 2008 and I graduated in 2010.I have over 25 published papers and my ambition at present is to get more involved in translational medicine and wish to become a leader within the field of diagnostic cancer at an early stage and using the novel treatments at that phase.