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Dr. Mahdi Mousavi

Information about Dr. Mahdi Mousavi at the University of Bradford.

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Dr. Mahdi Mousavi (PhD, MSc, MA, BA, FHEA) is an Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Bradford School of Management. He earned his PhD in finance from the University of Edinburgh Business School, UK, where he was awarded a scholarship from the College of Humanities and Social Science. Additionally, he holds an MSc in Finance from Essex Business School, UK, and a BA and MA in Financial Management from Iran. He also received an abroad PhD scholarship from the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran.Dr. Mousavi's research interests are varied and encompass fields such as the design and performance evaluation of bankruptcy prediction models, credit scoring, corporate finance, carbon finance, international business, and energy economics. His scholarly contributions have been recognized through publication in numerous esteemed peer-reviewed international journals, including the Journal of International Management, Expert Systems with Applications, Annals of Operation Research, International Review of Financial Analysis, Energy Economics, Journal of Developing Areas, Journal of Economics, Business, and Management. In addition, he has contributed a chapter to the book "Advances in DEA Theory and Applications with Extensions to Forecasting Models" published by Wiley. In addition to his research endeavours, Dr. Mousavi is deeply involved in academic instruction, teaching a diverse array of executive, postgraduate, and undergraduate modules. Notably, he is the founder and Programme leader of the MSc Financial Technology (FinTech) program at the University of Bradford School of Management. Before his current role, Dr. Mousavi served as an Assistant Professor of Finance at the American University of Kean in China and as a Lecturer of Finance at the University of Economic Science in Iran. His rich industry experience includes several years as a capital market analyst, reflecting his commitment to bridging the gap between academia and practical industry applications.


Journal papersShinwari, R., Wang, Y., Gozgor, G., & Mousavi, M. (2024). Does FDI affect energy consumption in the Belt and Road Initiative economies? The role of green technologies. Energy Economics, forthcoming., M. M., Ouenniche, J., & Tone, K. (2023). A dynamic performance evaluation of distress prediction models. Journal of Forecasting, 42(4), 756-784., L., Henley, J., & Mousavi, M. M. (2021). Foreign interfirm networks and internationalization: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of International Management, 27(1), 100810. Mousavi, M. M., & Lin, J. (2020). The application of PROMETHEE multi-criteria decision aid in financial decision making: Case of distress prediction models evaluation. Expert Systems with Applications, 159, 113438, M. M., Ouenniche, J., & Tone, K. (2019). A comparative analysis of two-stage distress prediction models. Expert Systems with Applications, 119, 322-341., M. M., & Ouenniche, J. (2018). Multi-criteria ranking of corporate distress prediction models: empirical evaluation and methodological contributions. Annals of Operations Research, 271, 853-886., M. M., Ouenniche, J., & Xu, B. (2015). Performance evaluation of bankruptcy prediction models: An orientation-free super-efficiency DEA-based framework. International Review of Financial Analysis, 42, 64-75., M. M., & Ouenniche, J. (2014). The impact of MENA conflicts (The Arab Spring) on global financial markets. The Journal of Developing Areas, 21-40., C., Carr, C., Kinder, T., Lin, Y., & Mousavi, M. M. (2014). What are the top variables leading to strategic investment decision-making performance? Journal of Economics, Business and Management, 3(12), 1169-1173.Chapter in BookRanking of Bankruptcy Prediction Models under Multiple Criteria (with Ouenniche, Xu and Tone),In Advances in DEA Theory and Applications, chapter 24, pages 357–380. John Wiley, 2017.


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Teaching highlights

2021– Now Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Finance, MSc Financial Technology, (Universityof Bradford).2021– Now Risk Management & Derivatives, BSc Finance, (University of Bradford).2018– Now Corporate Finance & Crowdfunding, MBA, Executives, (University of Bradford).2018– 2021 Corporate Finance & Crowdfunding, MBA, Distance Learning, (University of Bradford).2018– 2021 Asset Pricing, MSc. Finance & Investment, (University of Bradford).2019– 2021 International Finance, MSc Finance & Investment, (University of Bradford).2019– 2021 Introduction to Finance, BSc Finance, (University of Bradford).2018– 2019 Foundation of Finance, MSc Finance, (University of Bradford).2018– 2019 Finance & Accounting for Managers, BSc Finance, (University of Bradford).2015- Research & Technology, BSc. Finance, (Kean University).2014-2018 International Finance, BSc. Finance, (Kean University).2014-2018 Derivatives, BSc. Finance, (Kean University).2014-2018 Corporate Finance, BSc. Finance, (Kean University).2014 Capital Budgeting Management, BSc. Finance, (Kean University).2014 Preparation & Analysis of Financial Statements, BSc. Finance, (Kean University)

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