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I am an Assistant Professor in Public Health at the Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford, originally from the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a highly-skilled Medical Engineer and Public Health expert, specialising in medical imaging devices and Health Information Technology (HIT) systems. I am also skilled in Cognitive System Engineering, Root Cause Analysis and Medical Incident Coding of adverse healthcare events, healthcare quality improvement, patient safety, and various types of systematic reviews. 

My Postdoctoral Fellowship involved a large-scale project titled "eHealth Arena", collaborating with Kalmar Science Park, funded by the Swedish Growth Agency as a support from the European regional development fund to support and coordinate the use of eHealth services and testbeds in Kalmar county, Sweden. The service in both education and research involved coordinating and lecturing an advanced-level course, "Introduction to Health Informatics", and supervising graduate (M.Sc.) students to design and investigate what went wrong and how they went wrong in Swedish healthcare concerning HIT systems.

The research during my PhD was based on the approach of "learning from failures", focusing on HIT systems used in medical imaging. The evidence-based study focused on identifying and characterising healthcare quality and patient safety issues by collecting and analysing around 5,000 incident reports. The analysis comprised both inductive and deductive approaches. The service in education involved teaching and tutoring health science courses, such as Health and Society, Population Health, and First People's Health, encompassing classroom and online education. 

Currently, I am a reviewer for Systematic Reviews, Public Health, and Health Informatics-related journals. I am interested in developing a Patient Safety and Quality textbook on Health Informatics worldwide. My interest also includes being a "guest editor" for a special issue of any Digital Health and Health Informatics-related journals. I would appreciate people interested in contributing to contact me for being a co-author or co-guest editor. 


Over the past eight years, my research interest has focused exclusively on the combination of the fields of Health Information Technology (HIT) systems and their management in healthcare, in particular focus, on the quality of care and patient safety. The merging of these fields fits best because the advent of and rapid advances in HIT systems has made healthcare a truly complex socio-technical system than ever before. No matter what changes are introduced, whether the human or technical component in such a complex socio-technical system like healthcare, new, unforeseen problems always arise. 

Throughout my doctoral period, I worked on the approach of "learning from failures". However, the real-world scenario suggests that healthcare is much more complex than this 'find and fix' model. Therefore, the emergence of "learning from success" is now on the agenda focusing on things that "go right" more often because day-to-day HIT practice succeeds much more than it actually fails. This idea and completely different approach has shaped my vision to explore the other side of the story. Therefore, I plan to continue my efforts in the Academy of Health, Care and Welfare over the next five years by leading and attracting competitive research funding through research proposals to external grant agencies. 

My next plan is to shift my research focus to "digital health twins", especially in the care of elderly patients. Digital health twins are a feature within precision health, i.e., personalised medical treatments and disease-preventive and health-promoting activities made possible by new, data-driven methodologies. While data-driven development is now highly topical within healthcare at large, my future project will aim to contribute to a change of focus from data-driven to purpose-driven and data-supported healthcare, not least for the elderly. 


Teaching interests

I strive with dedication and perseverance to be the best teacher, mentor my students and the community, and maximise positive benefits. I am immersed in the lifelong learning process that continuously makes me aware of my role's tremendous responsibility. Throughout this journey of the continuous learning process, I will be able to propose more relevant courses addressing current challenges of health services and digital health technologies as I continue gaining more experience in both research and education. 

Teaching highlights

I have ten years of professional teaching experience in various dynamic education environments, including adult education, higher secondary school, and university. The university teaching includes several health sciences, health informatics, and public health-related courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Professional activities

  • 07-JAN-23: Linnaeus University, Affiliated Researcher

  • 01-OCT-17: School of Research Management Committee,
  • 01-FEB-17: Higher Degree Research Social Committee,
  • 01-OCT-17: Higher Degree Research Student Committee,
  • 01-JAN-23: Ethics Panel Committee,

  • 01-JAN-15: UniSA President’s Scholarship
  • 01-JAN-18: UniSA Patient Safety Group Scholarship
  • 01-JAN-17: UniSA Conference Scholarship
  • 01-JAN-18: UniSA Conference Scholarship
  • 01-JAN-12: KTH Field Study Scholarship
  • 01-JAN-22: LNU Publishing Grants (6)


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