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Dr Mohammad Isreb

Associate Professor

Faculty/Dept/School School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 234762


2020- now: Senior Lecturer in Medicine Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bradford, UK

2010-2020: Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, University of Bradford, UK

2007-2011: Post-graduate research student, School of Pharmacy, University of Bradford, UK

2006-2007: Part Time Lab Supervisor, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

2005-2006: Lecturer assistant, University of Aleppo, Syria

2005-2006: Pharmacist at Asia Pharmaceuticals (Sterile manufacturing), Aleppo Syria

2004-2005: Community pharmacist, Latakia, Syria

1999-2004: Undergraduate student, Faculty of Pharmacy and medical science, University of Petra, Amman, Jordan


Film coating, Solid dispersion, Thermal and Mechanical analysis, Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Solubility enhancement.

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-04: University of Petra - BSc (Hons)
  • 01-JAN-11: University of Bradford - Ph.D

  • 01-JAN-04: Latakia, Syria - Community pharmacist
  • 01-JAN-05: University of Aleppo, Syria - Lecturer assistant
  • 01-JAN-06: De Montfort University, Leicester, UK - Part Time Lab Supervisor
  • 01-JAN-10: University of Bradford, UK - Lecturer

  • N/A

  • Academic Leadership: MPharm Stage 1 Leader
  • General Administration: Personal Tutor for students in MPharm (all years)
  • Other: Member of the MPharm Staff Student Liason Committee (SSLC)
  • Other: Member of the MPharm Programme Management and Enhancement Committee (PMEC)


TitleCo-delivery of a RanGTP inhibitory peptide and doxorubicin using dual loaded liposomal carriers to combat chemotherapeutic resistance in breast cancer cells. (2020)
AuthorsHaggag Y;Abu Ras B;El-Tanani Y;Tambuwala MM;McCarron P;Isreb M;El-Tanani M;
TitlePluronic F127 thermosensitive injectable smart hydrogels for controlled drug delivery system development (2020)
AuthorsShriky B.;Kelly A.;Isreb M.;Babenko M.;Mahmoudi N.;Rogers S.;Shebanova O.;Snow T.;Gough T.
JournalJournal of Colloid and Interface Science
TitleROS-induced oxidative damage in lymphocytes ex vivo/in vitro from healthy individuals and MGUS patients: protection by myricetin bulk and nanoforms (2020)
AuthorsAkhtar S.;Najafzadeh M.;Isreb M.;Newton L.;Gopalan R.C.;Anderson D.
JournalArchives of Toxicology
TitleEx vivo/in vitro protective effect of myricetin bulk and nano-forms on PhIP-induced DNA damage in lymphocytes from healthy individuals and pre-cancerous MGUS patients (2020)
AuthorsAkhtar S.;Najafzadeh M.;Isreb M.;Newton L.;Gopalan R.C.;Anderson D.
JournalArchives of Toxicology
TitleAn in vitro investigation into the protective and genotoxic effects of myricetin bulk and nano forms in lymphocytes of MGUS patients and healthy individuals (2020)
AuthorsAkhtar S.;Najafzadeh M.;Isreb M.;Newton L.;Gopalan R.C.;Anderson D.
JournalToxicology Letters
TitleAdditive Manufacturing of a Point-of-Care “Polypill:” Fabrication of Concept Capsules of Complex Geometry with Bespoke Release against Cardiovascular Disease (2020)
AuthorsPereira B.C.;Isreb A.;Isreb M.;Forbes R.T.;Oga E.F.;Alhnan M.A.
JournalAdvanced healthcare materials
TitleEnhanced dissolution rate of Ketoprofen by fabricating into smart nanocrystals (2019)
AuthorsKhan J.;Bashir S.;Khan M.;Ghaffar R.;Naz A.;Khan W.;Ahmad S.;Ullah A.;Ali F.;Isreb M.
JournalPakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
TitleNovel Ran-RCC1 inhibitory peptide-loaded nanoparticles have anti-cancer efficacy in vitro and in vivo (2019)
AuthorsHaggag, Y.A.; Matchett, K.B.; Falconer, R.A.; Isreb, M.; Jones, J.; Faheem, A.; McCarron, P.; El-Tanani, Mohamed
Title3D printed oral theophylline doses with innovative 'radiator-like' design: Impact of polyethylene oxide (PEO) molecular weight (2019)
AuthorsIsreb, A.; Baj, K.; Wojsz, M.; Isreb, Mohammad; Peak, M.; Alhnan, M.A.
TitleFrom ‘fixed dose combinations’ to ‘a dynamic dose combiner’: 3D printed bi-layer antihypertensive tablets (2018)
AuthorsSadia, M.; Isreb, Abdullah; Abbadi, I.; Isreb, Mohammad; Aziz, D.; Selo, A.; Timmins, P.; Alhnan, M.A.
TitleAspirin and ibuprofen, in bulk and nanoforms: effects on DNA damage in peripheral lymphocytes from breast cancer patients and healthy individuals (2018)
AuthorsDandah, Osama M.M.; Najafzadeh, Mojgan; Isreb, Mohammad; Linforth, R.; Tait, C.; Baumgartner, Adolf; Anderson, Diana
TitleFabrication and characterization of dexibuprofen nanocrystals using dena® media milling (2018)
AuthorsKhan J.;Bashir S.;Khan S.;Ihsan A.;Khan M.;Ali F.;Khan N.;Mkia A.;Mohammad M.;Isreb M.
JournalActa Farmaceutica Bonaerense
TitleTablet fragmentation without a disintegrant: A novel design approach for accelerating disintegration and drug release from 3D printed cellulosic tablets (2018)
AuthorsArafat, B.; Wojsz, M.; Isreb, A.; Forbes, R.T.; Isreb, Mohammad; Ahmed, W.; Arafat, T.; Alhnan, M.A.
TitleFabrication and characterization of dexibuprofen nanocrystals using microchannel fluidic reactor (2018)
AuthorsKhan, J.; Bshir, S.; Khan, M.A.; Mohammad, Mohammad A.; Isreb, Mohammad
TitleIn-process rheometry as a PAT tool for hot melt extrusion (2018)
AuthorsKelly, Adrian L.; Gough, Timothy D.; Isreb, Mohammad; Dhumal, Ravindra S.; Jones, J.W.; Nicholson, S.; Dennis, A.B.; Paradkar, Anant R.
TitleNanonization and characterization of ketoprofen through microchannel fluidic reactor (2018)
AuthorsKhan J.;Bashir S.;Khan S.;Ihsan A.;Khan A.;Shah S.;Khan B.;Khan N.;Ghafar R.;Isreb M.
JournalActa Farmaceutica Bonaerense
AuthorsShah S.;Ullah F.;Khan S.;Shah S.;Isreb M.
JournalAfrican Journal Of Traditional, Complementary, And Alternative Medicines : Ajtcam
TitleSmart nanocrystals of artemether: fabrication, characterization, and comparative in vitro and in vivo antimalarial evaluation (2016)
AuthorsShah, S.M.H.; Ullah, F.; Khan, Shahzeb; Shah, S.M.M.; de Matas, Marcel; Hussain, Z.; Minhas, M.U.; AbdEl-Salam, N.M.; Assi, Khaled H.; Isreb, Mohammad
TitleDNA Damage in Healthy Individuals and Respiratory Patients after Treating Whole Blood In vitro with the Bulk and Nano Forms of NSAIDs (2016)
AuthorsNajafzadeh, Mojgan; Normington, Charmaine; Jacob, B.K.; Isreb, Mohammad; Gopalan, Rajendran C.; Anderson, Diana

TitlePoly (DL-Lactic Acid) (2017)
AuthorsR. T. Forbes and M. Isreb
JournalHandbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients
PublisherPharmaceutical Press