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Professor Mostafa Mohamed

Information about Professor Mostafa Mohamed at the University of Bradford.

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Mostafa is a Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Mostafa is currently the Head of School of Built Environment, Architecture and Creative Industries and was the former Head of Civil and Structural Engineering Department (2018-2022) and Head of Civil Engineering Discipline (2014-2018). Mostafa’s research focuses on innovative solutions for sustainable construction and utilisation of infrastructure. Currently, Mostafa focusses his research on temperature driven processes in saturated and partially saturated soils and utilisation of waste materials to stabilise weak and problematic subsurface soils. Some of Mostafa’s research work has developed methods to enhance geothermal energy recovery. Mostafa has successfully supervised 12 PhD students to completion and is currently supervising 9 PhD students investigating innovative techniques to enhance the geothermal energy recovery using geo-energy structures, stabilisation of soils using lignosulfonate and oil shale ash based geopolymers and reinforcement of soils for sustainable infrastructures. Mostafa published extensively in the area of geotechnical engineering, is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Advances in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering and was the guest editor for Minerals Special Issue on "Stabilisation and Reinforcement of Clays with Environmentally Friendly Materials” Research interests: - Geothermal energy storage and recovery from shallow soil layers - Stabilisation and reinforcement of weak and problematic soils - Modelling of soil-structure interaction


Dr Mohamed's research interests are; i. Heat recovery from shallow soil layers,ii. Reinforcement of weak soils , iii. Modelling of soil-structure interaction. iv. Constitutive modelling of unsaturated soilsv. Consolidation of soft heterogeneous soilsvi. Experimental and numerical analysis for the patterns and mechanisms of contaminants transport in porous media. Soil Aquifer Treatment. Research Groups: Bradford Centre for Sustainable Environments

Research supervision

Professor Mostafa Mohamed is responsible for the supervision of 1 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


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Teaching interests

Teaching Duties: 1. Soil Mechanics (CSE5009-B)2. Geotechnical and Civil Engineering (CSE6009-B)3. Advanced Geotechnics (CSE7009-B)In addition he contributes to the teaching of several design modules.

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