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Professor Marian Gheorghe

Information about Professor Marian Gheorghe at the University of Bradford.

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Education and TeachingProfessor Gheorghe obtained his PhD and BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bucharest. He has taught extensively topics in core Computer Science - data structures and algorithms, compiler construction, formal languages and automata, discrete mathematics, different programming language concepts and Software Engineering - software analysis and design, group projects, software testing. Personal interests I am a Christian, member of the Orthodox Church where I was ordained sub-deacon. I can provide information and advice related to Orthodox communities and churches in Yorkshire and surroundings. If you are interested please contact via email.


Professor Gheorghe's research interests are in computational models and software engineering. He is interested in various computational models like rewriting systems - formal grammars, multiset rewriting -, automata, process algebras and Petri nets. He has a special interest in new classes of unconventional computational models, especially membrane systems and their connections with other (unconventional) computational models - Petri nets, process algebras, L-systems, reactive systems etc. He is also interested in formally verifying such models by using model checking approaches. Professor Gheorghe is also interested in model-based testing and connections with formal verification. He has been working with large scale simulations, based on formal models, and contributed to building adequate software platforms for such approaches. He is also interested in applications of formal specifications and formal verification methods and tools in computational and synthetic biology, but also in autonomous systems. He served as the Chair of the Steering Committee of the Conference on Membrane Computing between 2010 - 2014, the main research forum of the membrane computing community, editing the proceedings of these events with Springer, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series. He has connections and active collaborations with many prestigious Universities and research groups in the world, being invited to give lectures and providing guidance to PhD students. Professor Gheorghe's research has been funded by EPSRC, EU, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society, British Council and has been included in some international projects abroad - China and Romania - as scientific advisor and collaborator.


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