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Professor Mohamed Amin Mohammed

Emeritus Professor - EMPFOHS

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Health Studies

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-85: University of Central England - BSc
  • 01-JAN-86: University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology - M.Eng
  • 01-JAN-95: Institute of Health Service Managers - Certificate in Health Service Management
  • 01-JAN-02: University of Birmingham - PhD
  • 01-JAN-11: University of Leicester - MSc


TitleImproving accuracy and efficiency of early warning scores in acute care.
AuthorsMohammed M;Hayton R;Clements G;Smith G;Prytherch D;
JournalBritish Journal of Nursing
TitleDid government spending cuts to social care for older people lead to an increase in emergency hospital admissions? An ecological study, England 2005-2016 (2019)
AuthorsSeamer P.;Brake S.;Moore P.;Mohammed M.;Wyatt S.
JournalBMJ Open
TitleUnderstanding and applying practitioner and patient views on the implementation of a novel automated Computer-Aided Risk Score (CARS) predicting the risk of death following emergency medical admission to hospital: Qualitative study (2019)
AuthorsDyson J.;Marsh C.;Jackson N.;Richardson D.;Faisal M.;Scally A.;Mohammed M.
JournalBMJ Open
TitleA prospective study of consecutive emergency medical admissions to compare a novel automated computer-aided mortality risk score and clinical judgement of patient mortality risk (2019)
AuthorsFaisal M.;Khatoon B.;Scally A.;Richardson D.;Irwin S.;Davidson R.;Heseltine D.;Corlett A.;Ali J.;Hampson R.;Kesavan S.;Mcgonigal G.;Goodman K.;Harkness M.;Mohammed M.
JournalBMJ Open
TitleFactors associated with accelerometer measured movement behaviours among White British and South Asian children aged 6-8 years during school terms and school holidays. (2019)
AuthorsNagy LC;Faisal M;Horne M;Collings P;Barber S;Mohammed M;
JournalBMJ Open
TitleAn organizational-level program of intervention for AKI: A pragmatic stepped wedge cluster randomized trial (2019)
AuthorsSelby N.;Casula A.;Lamming L.;Stoves J.;Samarasinghe Y.;Lewington A.;Roberts R.;Shah N.;Johnson M.;Jackson N.;Jones C.;Lenguerrand E.;McDonach E.;Fluck R.;Mohammed M.;Caskey F.
JournalJournal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN
TitleThe inclusion of delirium in version 2 of the National Early Warning Score will substantially increase the alerts for escalating levels of care: findings from a retrospective database study of emergency medical admissions in two hospitals . (2019)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Faisal M;Richardson D;Scally A;Howes R;Beatson K;Irwin S;Speed K;
JournalClinical Medicine
Title“Change is what can actually make the tough times better”: A patient-centred patient safety intervention delivered in collaboration with hospital volunteers (2019)
AuthorsLouch G.;Mohammed M.;Hughes L.;O'Hara J.
JournalHealth Expectations
TitleUsing out-of-office blood pressure measurements in established cardiovascular risk scores: a secondary analysis of data from two blood pressure monitoring studies (2019)
AuthorsLay-Flurrie S.;Stevens R.;de Leeuw P.;Kroon A.;Greenfield S.;Mohammed M.;Gill P.;Verberk W.;McManus R.
JournalBritish Journal of General Practice
TitleBarriers and enablers to the implementation of a complex quality improvement intervention for acute kidney injury: A qualitative evaluation of stakeholder perceptions of the Tackling AKI study (2019)
AuthorsLamming L.;McDonach E.;Mohammed M.;Stoves J.;Lewington A.;Roberts R.;Samarasinghe Y.;Shah N.;Fluck R.;Jackson N.;Johnson M.;Jones C.;Selby N.
JournalPLoS ONE
TitleThe association between the nationality of nurses and safety culture in maternity care units of Oman. (2019)
AuthorsNadabi W.A., Faisal M., Mohammed M.A.
JournalEastern Mediterranean Health Journal
TitleOrganizational learning and patient safety: hospital pharmacy settings (2019)
AuthorsAbdallah W.;Johnson C.;Nitzl C.;Mohammed M.
JournalJournal of Health, Organisation and Management
TitleEthnic differences in sedentary behaviour in 6-8-year-old children during school terms and school holidays: a mixed methods study. (2019)
AuthorsNagy LC;Horne M;Faisal M;Mohammed MA;Barber SE;
JournalBMC Public Health
TitleArabic Version of Learning Organization Survey Short-Form: Hospital Pharmacy Settings (2019)
AuthorsAbdallah W.;Johnson C.;Nitzl C.;Mohammed M.
JournalHospital Pharmacy
TitleIdentifying positively deviant elderly medical wards using routinely collected NHS Safety Thermometer data: An observational study (2018)
AuthorsBaxter R.;Taylor N.;Kellar I.;Pye V.;Mohammed M.;Lawton R.
JournalBMJ Open
TitleDevelopment and validation of a novel computer-aided score to predict the risk of in-hospital mortality for acutely ill medical admissions in two acute hospitals using their first electronically recorded blood test results and vital signs: a cross-sectional study (2018)
AuthorsFaisal, Muhammad; Scally, Andy J.; Jackson, N.; Richardson, D.; Beatson, K.; Howes, R.; Speed, K.; Menon, M.; Daws, J.; Dyson, J.; Marsh, C.; Mohammad, Mohammad A.
TitlePatient safety culture in maternity units: a review (2018)
AuthorsAl Nadabi, W.; McIntosh, Bryan; McClelland, Gabrielle T.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.
TitleThe National Early Warning Score and its subcomponents recorded within ±24 hours of emergency medical admission are poor predictors of hospital-acquired acute kidney injury (2018)
AuthorsFaisal, Muhammad; Scally, Andy J.; Elgaali, M.A.; Richardson, D.; Beatson, K.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.
TitleUsing routine blood test results to predict the risk of death for emergency medical admissions to hospital: An external model validation study (2017)
AuthorsFaisal M.;Howes R.;Steyerberg E.;Richardson D.;Mohammed M.
JournalQJM - Monthly Journal of the Association of Physicians
TitleThe learning curve to achieve satisfactory completion rates in upper GI endoscopy: An analysis of a national training database (2017)
AuthorsWard S.;Hancox A.;Mohammed M.;Ismail T.;Griffiths E.;Valori R.;Dunckley P.
TitleA qualitative formative evaluation of a patient-centred patient safety intervention delivered in collaboration with hospital volunteers (2017)
AuthorsLouch G.;O'Hara J.;Mohammed M.
JournalHealth Expectations
TitleInterarm Difference in Systolic Blood Pressure in Different Ethnic Groups and Relationship to the "White Coat Effect": A Cross-Sectional Study (2017)
AuthorsSchwartz C.;Clark C.;Koshiaris C.;Gill P.;Greenfield S.;Haque S.;Heer G.;Johal A.;Kaur R.;Mant J.;Martin U.;Mohammed M.;Wood S.;McManus R.
JournalAmerican Journal of Hypertension
TitleMaternal health inequalities and GP provision: Investigating variation in consultation rates for women in the Born in Bradford cohort (2017)
AuthorsKelly B.;Mason D.;Petherick E.;Wright J.;Mohammed M.;Bates C.
JournalJournal of Public Health (Oxford)
TitleA comparison of job descriptions for nurse practitioners working in out-of-hours primary care services: implications for workforce planning, patients and nursing (2017)
AuthorsTeare, Jean A.; Horne, Maria; Clements, G.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.
TitleChanges in admission thresholds in English Emergency Departments (2017)
AuthorsWyatt, S.; Child, K.; Hood, A.; Cooke, M.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.
TitleMeasurement of blood pressure for the diagnosis and management of hypertension in different ethnic groups: One size fits all (2017)
AuthorsGill P.;Haque M.;Martin U.;Mant J.;Mohammed M.;Heer G.;Johal A.;Kaur R.;Schwartz C.;Wood S.;Greenfield S.;McManus R.
JournalBMC Cardiovascular Disorders
TitleImpact of the level of sickness on higher mortality in emergency medical admissions to hospital at weekends (2017)
AuthorsMohammed M.;Faisal M.;Richardson D.;Howes R.;Beatson K.;Speed K.;Wright J.
JournalJournal of Health Services Research and Policy
TitleInfluence of ethnicity on acceptability of method of blood pressure monitoring: a cross-sectional study in primary care. (2016)
AuthorsWood, S.; Greenfield, S.M.; Haque, M.S.; Martin, U.; Gill, P.S.; Mant, J.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Heer, G.; Johal, A.; Kaur, R.; Schwartz, C.L.; McManus, R.J.
TitleDevelopment and validation of an electronic frailty index using routine primary care electronic health record data (2016)
AuthorsClegg, A.; Bates, C.; Young, J.; Ryan, R.; Nichols, L.; Teale, E.A.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Parry, J.; Marshall, T.
TitleEffect of pay-for-outcomes and encouraging new providers on national health service smoking cessation services in England: a cluster controlled study (2015)
AuthorsMcLeod, H.; Blissett, D.; Wyatt, S.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.
TitlePregnancy related telephone consultations to an out-of-hours provider: a retrospective database study (2015)
AuthorsHaith-Cooper, Melanie; Stacey, T, Clements, E, Mohammed, Mohammed A, Edwards, E.
JournalPrimary health care research & development
TitleUse of a pathway quality improvement care bundle to reduce mortality after emergency laparotomy (2015)
AuthorsHuddart, S.; Peden, C.J.; Swart, M.; McCormick, B.; Dickinson, M.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Quiney, N.
TitleAgreement between routine and research measurement of infant height and weight. (2015)
AuthorsBryant, M.; Santorelli, G.; Fairley, L.; Petherick, E.S.; Bhopal, R.S.; Lawlor, D.A.; Tilling, K.; Howe, L.D.; Farrar, D.; Cameron, N.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Wright, J.; Born in Bradford Childhood Obesity Scientific Group
TitleImpact of introducing an electronic physiological surveillance system on hospital mortality (2015)
AuthorsSchmidt, P.E.; Meredith, P.; Prytherch, D.R.; Watson, D.; Watson, V.; Killen, R.M.; Greengross, P.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Smith, G.B.
TitleEthnicity and differences between clinic and ambulatory blood pressure measurements (2015)
AuthorsMartin, U.; Haque, M.S.; Wood, S.; Greenfield, S.M.; Gill, P.S.; Mant, J.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Heer, G.; Johal, A.; Kaur, R.; Schwartz, C.L.; McManus, R.J.
TitleThe association between smoking cessation and glycaemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes: a THIN database cohort study (2015)
AuthorsLycett, D.; Ryan, R.; Farley, A.; Roalfe, A.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Szatkowski, L.; Coleman, T.; Morris, R.; Farmer, A.; Aveyard, P.; Nichols, L.
TitleLack of attentional retraining effects in cigarette smokers attempting cessation: a proof of concept double-blind randomised controlled trial (2015)
AuthorsBegh, R.; Mulville, Jacqui.; Shiffman, S.; Ferguson, S.G.; Nichols, L.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Holder, R.L.; Sutton, S.; Aveyard, P.
TitleNear-peer teaching and exam results: the acceptability, impact, and assessment outcomes of a novel biological sciences revision programme taught by senior medical students (2014)
AuthorsMann, J.; Protty, M.B.; Duffy, J.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Wiskin, C.
TitleWalking to improve cardiovascular health: a meta-analysis of randomised control trials (2014)
AuthorsMurtagh, E.M.; Nichols, L.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Holder, R.L.; Nevill, A.M.; Murphy, M.H.
TitleTimely care for frail older people referred to hospital improves efficiency and reduces mortality without the need for extra resources (2014)
AuthorsSilvester, K.M.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Harriman, P.; Girolami, A.; Downes, T.W.
TitleCollaborating with front-line healthcare professionals: the clinical and cost effectiveness of a theory based approach to the implementation of a national guideline. (2014)
AuthorsTaylor, N.; Lawton, R.; Moore, S.; Craig, J.; Slater, B.L.; Cracknell, A.; Wright, J.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.
TitleAn analysis of the learning curve to achieve competency at colonoscopy using the JETS database (2014)
AuthorsWard, S.T.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Walt, R.; Valori, R.; Ismail, T.; Dunckley, P.
TitleAttentional bias retraining in cigarette smokers attempting smoking cessation (ARTS): Study protocol for a double blind randomised controlled trial (2013)
AuthorsBegh R.;Munafò M.;Shiffman S.;Ferguson S.;Nichols L.;Mohammed M.;Holder R.;Sutton S.;Aveyard P.
JournalBMC Public Health
TitleWhy traditional statistical process control charts for attribute data should be viewed alongside an xmr-chart. (2013)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Worthington P;
JournalBMJ Quality and Safety
TitleStatistical process control charts for attribute data involving very large sample sizes: a review of problems and solutions. (2013)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Panesar JS;Laney DB;Wilson R;
JournalBMJ Quality and Safety
TitleA new preclinical-year revision course designed and taught by clinical-year students. (2013)
AuthorsProtty M, Mann J, Mohammed MA, Holder R, Wiskin C.
JournalMedical Teacher
TitleImplementation of pay for performance in primary care: A qualitative study 8 years after introduction (2013)
AuthorsLester H.;Matharu T.;Mohammed M.;Lester D.;Foskett-Tharby R.
JournalBritish Journal of General Practice
TitleA simple insightful approach to investigating a hospital standardised mortality ratio: an illustrative case-study. (2013)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Stevens AJ;
JournalPLoS ONE
TitlePatterns of warfarin use in subgroups of patients with atrial fibrillation: a cross-sectional analysis of 430 general practices in the United Kingdom. (2013)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Marshall T;Nirantharakumar K;Stevens A;Fitzmaurice D;
JournalPLoS ONE
TitleIndex blood tests and national early warning scores within 24 hours of emergency admission can predict the risk of in-hospital mortality: a model development and validation study. (2013)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Rudge G;Watson D;Wood G;Smith GB;Prytherch DR;Girling A;Stevens A;
JournalPLoS ONE
TitlePatient factors influencing the prescribing of lipid lowering drugs for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in UK general practice: a national retrospective cohort study. (2013)
AuthorsWu J;Zhu S;Yao GL;Mohammed MA;Marshall T;
JournalPLoS ONE
TitleThe findings of the Mid-Staffordshire Inquiry do not uphold the use of hospital standardized mortality ratios as a screening test for 'bad' hospitals. (2013)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Lilford R;Rudge G;Holder R;Stevens A;
JournalQJM - Monthly Journal of the Association of Physicians
TitleCongenial multiple imputation and matched pair models for square tables. (2013)
AuthorsHussain S, Mohammed MA, Shukur G.
JournalAsia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration
TitleDevelopment and validation of a decision tree early warning score based on routine laboratory test results for the discrimination of hospital mortality in emergency medical admissions (2013)
AuthorsJarvis, S.W.; Kovacs, C.; Badriyah, T.; Briggs, J.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Meredith, P.; Schmidt, P.E.; Featherstone, P.I.; Prytherch, D.R.; Smith, G.B.
TitleThe combined influence of distance and neighbourhood deprivation on Emergency Department attendance in a large English population: a retrospective database study (2013)
AuthorsRudge, G.M.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Fillingham, S.C.; Girling, A.J.; Sidhu, K.; Stevens, A.J.
TitleCase-mix adjusted hospital mortality is a poor proxy for preventable mortality: a modelling study. (2012)
AuthorsGirling AJ;Hofer TP;Wu J;Chilton PJ;Nicholl JP;Mohammed MA;Lilford RJ;
JournalBMJ Quality and Safety
TitleWhich is more useful in predicting hospital mortality--dichotomised blood test results or actual test values? A retrospective study in two hospitals. (2012)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Rudge G;Wood G;Smith G;Nangalia V;Prytherch D;Holder R;Briggs J;
JournalPLoS ONE
TitleThe effect of chance variability in blood pressure readings on the decision making of general practitioners: an internet-based case vignette study. (2012)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Marshall T;Gill P;
JournalPLoS ONE
TitlePatient and other factors influencing the prescribing of cardiovascular prevention therapy in the general practice setting with and without nurse assessment (2012)
AuthorsMohammed, Mohammed A.; El Sayed, C.; Marshall, T.
TitleFactors which influence the length of an out-of-hours telephone consultation in primary care: a retrospective database study. (2012)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Clements G;Edwards E;Lester H;
JournalBMC Health Services Research
TitleIntroducing analysis of means to medical statistics. (2012)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Holder R;
JournalBMJ Quality and Safety
TitleWeekend admission to hospital has a higher risk of death in the elective setting than in the emergency setting: a retrospective database study of national health service hospitals in England. (2012)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Sidhu KS;Rudge G;Stevens AJ;
JournalBMC Health Services Research
TitleInverted BMI rather than BMI is a better proxy for percentage of body fat. (2011)
AuthorsNevill AM;Stavropoulos-Kalinoglou A;Metsios GS;Koutedakis Y;Holder RL;Kitas GD;Mohammed MA;
JournalAnnals of Human Biology
TitleA simple method to ensure plausible multiple imputation for continuous multivariate data (2010)
AuthorsHussain S.;Mohammed M.;Haque M.;Holder R.;Macleod J.;Hobbs R.
JournalCommunications in Statistics Part B: Simulation and Computation
TitleEnvironmental public health tracking: piloting methods for surveillance of environmentally related diseases in England and Wales. (2009)
AuthorsSaunders P;Mohammed MA;
JournalEnvironmental Geochemistry and Health
TitlePlotting basic control charts: tutorial notes for healthcare practitioners. (2008)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Worthington P;Woodall WH;
JournalQuality and Safety in Health Care
TitlePerformance evaluation based on the robust mahalanobis distance and multilevel modeling using two new strategies (2008)
AuthorsHussain S.;Mohamed M.;Holder R.;Almasri A.;Shukur G.
JournalCommunications in Statistics Part B: Simulation and Computation
TitleWhat is the empirical evidence that hospitals with higher-risk adjusted mortality rates provide poorer quality care? A systematic review of the literature. (2007)
AuthorsPitches DW;Mohammed MA;Lilford RJ;
JournalBMC Health Services Research
TitleCase-mix and the use of control charts in monitoring mortality rates after coronary artery bypass. (2007)
AuthorsMarshall T;Mohammed MA;
JournalBMC Health Services Research
TitleThe impact of the introduction of liquid based cytology on the variation in the proportion of inadequate samples between GP practices. (2007)
AuthorsHarrison WN;Teale AM;Jones SP;Mohammed MA;
JournalBMC Public Health
TitleThe use of control charts in health-care and public-health surveillance. (2006)
AuthorsM A Mohammed
JournalJournal of Quality Technology
TitleProcess of care and mortality of stroke patients with and without a do not resuscitate order in the West Midlands, UK. (2006)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Mant J;Bentham L;Stevens A;Hussain S;
JournalInternational Journal for Quality in Health Care
TitleAnalysing the performance indicator data of in vitro fertilization clinics in the United Kingdom using control charts (2006)
AuthorsM A Mohammed, C Leary.
JournalHuman Fertility
TitleAdjusting for treatment refusal in rationing decisions. (2006)
AuthorsLilford R;Girling A;Stevens A;Almasri A;Mohammed MA;Braunholtz D;
JournalBritish Medical Journal
TitleHospital-wide physiological surveillance-a new approach to the early identification and management of the sick patient. (2006)
AuthorsSmith GB;Prytherch DR;Schmidt P;Featherstone PI;Knight D;Clements G;Mohammed MA;
TitleComparing processes of stroke care in high- and low-mortality hospitals in the West Midlands, UK. (2005)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Mant J;Bentham L;Raftery J;
JournalInternational Journal for Quality in Health Care
TitleA practical method for monitoring general practice mortality in the UK: findings from a pilot study in a health board of Northern Ireland. (2005)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Booth K;Marshall D;Brolly M;Marshall T;Cheng KK;Hayes M;Fitzpatrick S;
JournalBritish Journal of General Practice
TitleWas Rodney Ledward a statistical outlier? Retrospective analysis using routine hospital data to identify gynaecologists' performance. (2005)
AuthorsHarley M;Mohammed MA;Hussain S;Yates J;Almasri A;
JournalBritish Medical Journal
TitleNational audit of the sensitivity of double-contrast barium enema for colorectal carcinoma, using control charts For the Royal College of Radiologists Clinical Radiology Audit Sub-Committee. (2005)
AuthorsTawn DJ;Squire CJ;Mohammed MA;Adam EJ;
JournalClinical Radiology
TitleHospital mortality league tables: influence of place of death. (2004)
AuthorsSeagroatt V;Goldacre MJ;
JournalBritish Medical Journal
TitleA randomized controlled trial of league tables and control charts as aids to health service decision-making. (2004)
AuthorsMarshall T;Mohammed MA;Rouse A;
JournalInternational Journal for Quality in Health Care
TitleAn investigation into general practitioners associated with high patient mortality flagged up through the Shipman inquiry: retrospective analysis of routine data. (2004)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Rathbone A;Myers P;Patel D;Onions H;Stevens A;
JournalBritish Medical Journal
TitleProgress towards monitoring deaths in general practice (2004)
AuthorsM A Mohammed, K Booth, D Marshall, M Brolly, T Marshall, KK Cheng.
JournalJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health
TitleCounting in-hospital deaths in England: a comparison of hospital computer systems and mortuary registers. (2004)
AuthorsMohammed M;Raftery J;LeatherBarrow M;Harley M;Marshall T;
JournalJournal of Health Services Research and Policy
TitleAnalysis of inadequate cervical smears using Shewhart control charts. (2004)
AuthorsHarrison WN;Mohammed MA;Wall MK;Marshall TP;
JournalBMC Public Health
TitleUse and misuse of process and outcome data in managing performance of acute medical care: avoiding institutional stigma. (2004)
AuthorsLilford R;Mohammed MA;Spiegelhalter D;Thomson R;
TitleThe measurement of active errors: methodological issues. (2003)
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JournalQuality and Safety in Health Care
TitleUnderstanding variation in quality improvement: the treatment of sore throats in primary care. (2003)
AuthorsMarshall T;Mohammed MA;
JournalFamily Practice
TitleDifferences in clinical performance. (2002)
AuthorsMarshall T;Mohammed MA;
JournalBritish Journal of Surgery
TitleUnderstanding variation for clinical governance: an illustration using the diagnosis and treatment of sore throat. (2002)
AuthorsMarshall T;Mohammed MA;Lim HT;
JournalBritish Journal of General Practice
TitlePerformance league tables: the NHS deserves better. (2002)
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JournalBMJ (Clinical research ed.)
TitleBristol, Shipman, and clinical governance: Shewhart's forgotten lessons. (2001)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Cheng KK;Rouse A;Marshall T;

Publication NamePatient safety conference (2017)
AuthorsFaisal M., Scally A., Silverton R., Wijeratne D., Jackson N., Beaston K., Howes R., Daws J., Dyson J., Marsh C., Speed K., Richardson D., Mohammed M.A.
Publication NameFarr Institute International Conference (2015)
AuthorsFaisal M., Kelly B., Graham A., Mason D., Wright J., Mohammed A.M.

Other typeReviews
TitlePatient safety culture in maternity units: a review (2019)
AuthorsAl Nadabi W.;McIntosh B.;McClelland T.;Mohammed M.
JournalInternational Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance
Other typeReviews
TitleDesign and Rationale of 'Tackling Acute Kidney Injury', a Multicentre Quality Improvement Study (2016)
AuthorsSelby N.;Casula A.;Lamming L.;Mohammed M.;Caskey F.
Other typePresentation
TitleCultural and economic differences in television viewing in early childhood. (2015)
AuthorsNagy, Liana C.; Horne, Maria; Bingham, D.D.; Kelly, B.; Clemes, S.; Mohammed, Mohammed A.; Barber, Sally E.
Other typeReviews
TitleThe effect of walking on risk factors for cardiovascular disease: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised control trials (2015)
AuthorsMurtagh E.;Nichols L.;Mohammed M.;Holder R.;Nevill A.;Murphy M.
JournalPreventive Medicine
Other typeEditorial
TitlePerformance monitoring in Australia and England: from scandals to action. (2007)
AuthorsMohammed MA;Stevens AJ;
JournalMedical Journal of Australia
Other typeReviews
TitleMonitoring patients using control charts: A systematic review (2007)
AuthorsTennant R.;Mohammed M.;Coleman J.;Martin U.
JournalInternational Journal for Quality in Health Care
Other typeEditorial
TitleUsing statistical process control to improve the quality of health care. (2004)
AuthorsMohammed MA;
JournalQuality and Safety in Health Care

Title Author(s)
Ethnic differences in sedentary be- haviour in 6-8 year old children during school term and school holiday- a mixed methods study (2017)Nagy L.C., Horne M., Mohammed M.A, Faisal M., Barber S.E.
MonAT: A visual web-based tool to profile health data quality (2017)Noselli M.;Mason D.;Mohammed M.;Ruddle R.
Environmental public health tracking: Piloting methods for surveillance of environmentally related diseases in England and Wales (2009)Saunders P.;Mohammed M.