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Dr. Keren Bielby-Clarke

Information about Dr. Keren Bielby-Clarke at the University of Bradford.

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After completing my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Chemistry, I discovered an interest in neuropathology and anatomy which led me to a PhD investigating the pathology of Alzheimers Disease and Downs Syndrome, and similarities between them. Whilst undertaking this PhD, I developed an interest in teaching and a passion for neuroscience, anatomy and physiology. I completed 5 years of post-doctoral research based in the Institute of Cell Signalling (Queens Medical Centre), investigating protein signalling complexes in the murine cerebellum. I then moved to the University of Leeds, taking up a teaching-only position in the Faculty of Biological Sciences as a Lecturer in Neuroscience. The 5 years I spent in this role, with 2 years as Programme Leader for the Neuroscience course, allowed me to develop my teaching whilst using a range of innovative and traditional teaching methods. Between 2010-12 I worked both as a Lecturer in Physiology and as a Curriculum Development Officer, roles which allowed me to expand my experience in teaching and my knowledge regarding curriculum development and appropriate QA standards. I am currently working to develop simulation teaching (in all of its forms) and integrate it into as many different areas of Life Sciences as possible. I am also working on research into the use of technology in higher education, particularly focussing on use of virtual dissection and high fidelity manikins, but also in simulation, CAL, TEL, curriculum development and assessment. I have presented at a number of national conferences on the various uses of simulation in undergraduate teaching. I am very actively involved in recruitment and outreach activities, running workshops and interactive demonstrations during public events, open days and school visits. I am also a mentor for colleagues undertaking professional accreditation by the HEA on the L&T Professional Development & Recognition Scheme, a very rewarding role which enables me to see different perspectives on learning and teaching from across the institution.


Use of virtual dissection in teaching and learning Use of human patient simulators for teaching Life Sciences students Use of CAL in undergraduate Life Sciences teachingUse of pathological and anatomical specimens in teachingMethods of teaching anatomy and pathologyComparison of cadaveric and non-cadaveric anatomy teachingMember of the Education, Innovation, Research & Development group (Pharmacy & Medical Sciences)Member of the Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics group (Pharmacy & Medical Sciences)


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Stage 2 Lead for Clinical SciencesPersonal tutor for students in Pharmacy (all years) and Clinical ScienceModule leader for CLS5002-B Skin, Sensation and MovementModule leader for PHA5010-B Endocrinology and NeurobiologyProject supervisor for final year Clinical Sciences dissertation studentsProject supervisor for final year Pharmacy studentsProject supervisor for final year Biomedical Sciences studentsTeaching sessions involving simulation and CAL across a range of Life Sciences programmesInteractive demonstrations and workshops for Open Day’s, AVD’s, outreach and widening participation activities

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