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Jason Theaker

Assistant Professor

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Eng & Digital Technologies
Telephone +441274 235562


Professional Credits

2012 'Eye Doctor' for the DWMA Directed

2010 'Overcharged' DFI Directed / Client

2002 Bounty Hunter (Mace Griffin) Warthog artist / animator/ FMV

2001 Loons fight for fame Infogrames artist/animator/FMV

1999 Wargasum DID artist / animator/

1999 Unpublished racing game DID artist / animator/

1999 Eurofighter Typhoon DID artist / animator/ FMV

1998 Unpublished n64 game DID artist / animator

1998 Bob the Builder Hot sculptor / props

1997 Dairylea TV commercial Passion Pictures sculptor / props / models

1997 Pony Tails kids animation Bumper Films sculptor / props / models

1997 Brisk Tea Commercial Passion Picturessculptor / props / models

1997 The Animal Shelf Cosgrove Hall sculptor / props / models

1997 Rigoletto Bare boards sculptor / props / models

1996 Brambly Hedge Cosgrove Hall sculptor / props / models

1995 Oakie Doke Cosgrove Hall sculptor / props / models

1996 Adam F music video Adam F productions animator / props / models

1995 Quest for Camelot Warner Brothers sculptor / props / models

1995 Mars Attacks (Tim Burton) Warner Brothers sculptor / props / models

Employment History

2004 - Present Bradford University Animation Lecturer

2002 - 2008 LCAD Animation Lecturer

2002 Warthog Computer Animator / Artist

1999 - 2002 Infogrames Computer Animator / Artist

1998 - 1999 Digital Image Design Computer Animator / Artist

1998 Mackinnon & Saunders Sculptor / Model and prop Maker

1997 - 1997 Barrow Model Makers Sculptor / Model and prop Maker

1995 - 1997 Mackinnon & Saunders Sculptor / Model and prop Maker

My Training Company

An early love of lens-based media, in particular stop motion animation; led me into me graduating with an animation degree and a career in films, TV and computer games. Have spent most of my professional career following the varied jobs that this offers, from modelling puppet alien heads in Tim Burton's Mars Attacks to fiddling with Bob the Builders bits. I've worked in computer games with first person shooters; to spending a couple of years getting inside Daffy Duck's mind. I now teach at Bradford University.

I have taught animation, photography and digital manipulation for 14 years at Leeds College of Art and Bradford University, so am well versed to deliver and communicate on a one to one basis, or in front of large groups. I'm a qualified teacher and my second degree (from Leeds University) was specifically aimed at teaching adults. I can think of nothing more professionally rewarding than being able to stimulate inspiration in others and witness genuine development. I have a VERY strong conviction that it is my job to create the optimum environment for learning.

Publications / Exposure

Eye Doctor

Eye Doctor

This is an award winning animation I directed for the "Digital Working Media Academy" at the University of Bradford. It was for the Optometry department, who wanted an animation aimed at children, to both inform and reduce the anxiety in advance of their eye tests. It was a commercial project designed to give valuable paid work experience to students.

Over Charged


This is an animation I directed with a bunch of talented final year students who spent a few months slaving away on this! A young selfish boy is too concerned about satisfying his desire for pleasure and he disregards the consequences.

Awards and Recognition

Nov 12 Speaker at Bradford Animation Festival

Nov 12 LPOTY book and exhibition in the National Theatre

Oct 12 Award for Best Educational Video

July + Oct 12 Publication Optometry Today

July 12 Directed "Eye Doctor" for Digital Working Media Academy

June 12 School Animation Talk PHGS

March 12 Article in On landscape "Portfolio interview"

April 11 Article in Photo Radar about "theft of images"

March 11 Article in Yorkshire Ridings Magazine

March 11 Article in On landscape "Theft of images"

Jan 11 Article in Amateur Photographer "Polarization"

April 10 Article in Amateur Photographer "Composition In Forests"

March 10 What Digital Camera

March 10 Article in Amateur Photographer "The Creative Choices of a Sunrise Shoot"

Sep 09 Interviewed by Amateur Photographer

June 09 Article in Digital Camera Magazine "Movement in Landscape"

Nov 09 LPOTY book and exhibition in the National Theatre

Sep 08 Speaker at PhotoCamp Leeds Met University

Nov 08 LPOTY book and exhibition in the National Theatre

Sep 08 Guardian newspaper

Sep 08 Wharfedale and Airedale Observer

Aug 08 What Digital Camera portfolio piece

Supervision on:

Supervising external placements in industry Disney Interactive, Quantic Lab

Royal Television Society Winner: The Mascot. Director: Simon McClure

Royal Television Society Winner: A Friend of Mine. Director: Dawid Lubryka

Royal Television Society Winner: Oui Oui. Director: James Rodgers