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Dr. Jing Li

Information about Dr. Jing Li at the University of Bradford.

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Jing joined University of Bradford, School of Management, as a Lecturer in Accounting in 2008, and became Senior Lecturer in Accounting in March 2012 and then Reader in Accounting in May 2017. Before joining the School of Management as a lecturer, Jing studied for a PhD in accounting at the School. She has an MA in Finance, Accounting and Management and a bachelors degree in Business and Management Studies. During the 10 years of working at the School, Jing has been entrusted with various academic leadership and administrative roles, including Stage tutor (levels 5 & 6 students), Director of Studies for BSc Accounting & Finance programme for over 4 years, Deputy Head for Accounting, Finance and Economics Division, Impact Champion (from Nov 2017 onwards), and more recently Interim Associate Dean - Research & Knowledge Transfer (from June 2018). Jing serves on various university and faculty committees and is currently the coordinator for UoA C17 Business and Management Studies for REF2021.


Jing's main research interests include accounting for intellectual capital, from both the management accounting and corporate reporting's perspective, and particularly the intellectual capital reporting practices of firms and the determinants and effects of intellectual capital reporting, voluntary disclosure (including Corporate Social Responsibility), corporate governance, financial accounting and reporting, and effects of different IFRSs. Jing is also interested in accounting reporting quality and performance attributions. Jing has also worked on a project relating to big data analysis, and is interested in the application of big data analytic and artificial intelligence in accounting and finance. Jing is also interested in areas of work that relate to the development of financial literacy in different stakeholder groups.Jing was a co-investigator (CI) in a project on "Intellectual Capital Disclosure Policy and Effects on the Cost of Equity Capital: UK Evidence", funded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS), £11,980, (December 2007- January 2009) (with Dr Musa Mangena and Professor Richard Pike, University of Bradford School of Management). Jing (as the CI), together with Dr Ci Lei (principal investigator) (Faculty of Engineering & Informatic), has won a £20,000 funding for a financial literacy project with Flicker Associates, through Access Innovation.

Research supervision

Dr. Jing Li is responsible for the supervision of 1 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


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Teaching interests

My teaching interests lie in accounting in general, and Financial Accounting and Corporate Reporting in particular, linking with other aspects such as Management Accounting, contemporary issues in accounting, accounting theory, corporate governance, international accounting, and firm/equity valuation (building on financial statement analysis and equity valuation methods).I have also supervised a large number of MSc and MBA dissertations on various accounting and finance related topics.

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