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Dr. Joseph Danquah

Information about Dr. Joseph Danquah at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Joseph Kwadwo Danquah is a Human Resource and Human Capital Development with a research interest in human resource management/development, capacity building/development, SMEs development, strategic HR, managerial effectiveness, public/private sector Management, entrepreneurship and innovation. He has a multidisciplinary academic background and holds a degree in Agriculture Technology, Masters in human and organisational capacity building for development and PhD in Human Resource Development. Dr Joseph is a researcher and currently a lecturer in human resource management and human resource development at the School of Management, Law and Social Sciences, University of Bradford. He lectures both undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Capacity Building/Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, SMEs, Public Sector Management, Entrepreneurship, Organisational Behaviour, Managerial Effectiveness.


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Teaching interests

Dr Danquah teaches Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Teaching highlights

Dr Danquah is the module leader for Human Resource Development and People, Work and Organisations/Work in Context.

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