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Dr Jaan Pu

Associate Professor

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Eng & Digital Technologies
Telephone +441274 234556


Dr Jaan H Pu is an Associate Professor at University of Bradford, UK. Dr Pu’s research concentrates on numerical and laboratory approaches to represent various water engineering applications which include the naturally compound riverine flow, sediment transport, scouring and vegetated flow. His research outputs have led to several high-quality journal articles, conference proceedings, book-chapters, and edited books. He has also been assigned as the Associate Editor of Frontiers in Environmental Science and of Frontiers in Built Environment, and Special Issues' Leading/Joint Guest Editor for MDPI Fluids, MDPI Water and Frontiers in Environmental Science. He is currently Visiting Scientist at Tsinghua University and at Nanyang Technological University. He has also been involved as reviewer for several internationally well-reputed journals. 


Numerical schemes for shallow water equations; 

Experimental methods for non-uniform;

Unsteady and turbulent flows; 

Engineering software: Delft3D, Matlab;

Flow measuring techniques: ADV, PIV;

Sediment transport and multi-phase flow studies;

Flow-structure interaction modelling;

Flow turbulent bursting studies and turbulence structures analysis;

Flood waves;  

Rainwater quality. 


Teaching interests

Water Engineering; Fluids Dynamics; Mechanics.  

Professional activities

  • 01-SEP-17: University of Bradford - Associate Professor
  • 01-JAN-14: University of Bradford - Lecturer 
  • 01-JAN-13: University of Southampton, Malaysia - Lecturer 
  • 01-JAN-11: Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan - Assistant Professor
  • 01-JAN-10: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - Research Fellow 
  • 01-JAN-09: The French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks, IFSTTAR, France - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

  • 01-DEC-14: Tsinghua University, Visiting Research Scientist
  • 01-SEP-17: Newcastle College, UK, External Examiner

  • 01-SEP-17: Leader in Civil Recruitment and Marketing,

  • Visiting Scientist: Visiting Scientist, Tsinghua University, China
  • External Examiner: External Examiner for School of Engineering, Newcastle College, UK 
  • External Panel Member: External Panel for BEng Scheme Approval of University of Highlands and Islands, UK
  • External Panel Member: External Panel for BEng Scheme Validation of School of Engineering, Newcastle College, UK
  • PhD External Examiner: PhD External Examiner for School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University, UK 


TitleWake Flow Field of a Wall-Mounted Pipe with Spoiler on a Rough Channel Bed (2023)
AuthorsDevi K, Mishra S, Hanmaiahgari PR, Pu JH*
JournalActa Geophysica
TitleProcess Simulation of Twin-Screw Granulator: The Effect of Screw Configuration on Size Distribution (2023)
AuthorsArthur TB, Sekyi NKG, Rahmanian N*, Pu JH
JournalChemical Engineering and Technology
TitleBursting phenomenon created by bridge piers group in open channel flow (2023)
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JournalEnvironmental Fluid Mechanics
TitleFactors affecting Sanitation Coverage in three income levels and potential towards achieving SDG 6.2 (2023)
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TitleAnalysis of turbulent flow structure with its fluvial processes around mid-channel bar (2022)
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TitleExperimental observation of turbulent structure at region surrounding the mid-channel braid bar (2022)
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JournalMarine Georesources and Geotechnology
PublisherTaylor and Francis
TitleReduction of scour around circular piers using collars (2022)
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JournalJournal of Flood Risk Management
TitleAnalytical models of mean secondary velocities and stream functions under different bed-roughness configurations in wide open-channel turbulent flows (2022)
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JournalEnvironmental Fluid Mechanics
TitleSemi-analytical solution of solute dispersion model in semi-infinite media (2022)
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TitleGeotechnical Behaviour of Fly Ash–Bentonite Used in Layers (2022)
AuthorsHasan M, Khan MA, Alsabhan AH, Almajid AA, Alam S, Khan MA*, Biswas T, Pu JH
JournalApplied Sciences
TitleReview of Suspended Sediment Transport Mathematical Modelling Studies (2022)
AuthorsWallwork J.T.;Pu J.H.;Kundu S.;Hanmaiahgari P.R.;Pandey M.;Satyanaga A.;Khan M.A.;Wood A.
TitleInclusive Hyper- to Dilute-Concentrated Suspended Sediment Transport Study Using Modified Rouse Model: Parametrized Power-Linear Coupled Approach Using Machine Learning (2022)
AuthorsSanny Kumar, Harendra Prasad Singh, Srinivas Balaji, Prashanth Reddy Hanmaiahgari, and Jaan H. Pu
TitleEditorial: Urban Fluvial and Hydro-Environment System (2022)
AuthorsPu JH*, Pandey M, Li J, Satyanaga A, Kundu S, Hanmaiahgari PR
JournalFrontiers in Environmental Science
TitleMid-channel Braid Bar Induced Turbulent Bursts: Analysis Using Octant Events Approach (2022)
AuthorsKhan MA*, Sharma N, Pu JH, Alfaisal F, Alam S, Garg R, Qamar MO
TitleTwo-dimensional turbulent burst examination and angle ratio utilization to detect scouring/sedimentation around mid-channel bar (2021)
AuthorsMohammad Amir Khan, Nayan Sharma, Jaan H Pu, Mohammad Aamir, Manish Pandey
JournalActa Geophysica
TitleFlood Suspended Sediment Transport: Combined Modelling from Dilute to Hyper-concentrated Flow (2021)
AuthorsJaan H. Pu, Joseph T. Wallwork, Md. Amir Khan, Manish Pandey, Hanif Pourshahbaz, Alfrendo Satyanaga, Prashanth R. Hanmaiahgari and Tim Gough
TitleHealth-risk assessment for roof-harvested rainwater via QMRA in Ikorodu area, Lagos, Nigeria (2021)
AuthorsJohn CK, Pu JH*, Pandey M, Moruzzi R
JournalJournal of Water and Climate Change
TitleImpacts of sedimentation on rainwater quality: case study at Ikorodu of Lagos, Nigeria (2021)
AuthorsJohn CK, Pu JH*, Pandey M, Moruzzi R
JournalWater Science and Technology: Water Supply
DOI 10.2166/ws.2021.093
TitleVelocity Profile and Turbulence Structure Measurement Corrections for Sediment Transport-Induced Water-Worked Bed (2021)
AuthorsJaan H. Pu
TitleReusable rainwater quality at Ikorodu area of Lagos, Nigeria: Impact of first-flush and household treatment techniques (2021)
AuthorsJohn CK, Pu JH*, Moruzzi R, Pandey M, Azamathulla HM
JournalJournal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development
TitleA Comparative Study between Sand- and Gravel-Bed Open Channel Flows in the Wake Region of a Bed-Mounted Horizontal Cylinder (2021)
AuthorsDevi K, Hanmaiahgari PR*, Balachandar R, Pu JH*
TitleSelf-Preservation of Turbulence Statistics in the Wall-Wake Flow of a Bed-Mounted Horizontal Pipe (2021)
AuthorsDevi K, Hanmaiahgari PR*, Balachandar R, Pu JH*
TitleStability and consolidation of sediment tailings incorporating unsaturated soil mechanics (2021)
AuthorsSatyanaga A, Wijaya M, Zhai Q, Moon SW, Pu JH, Kim JR*
JournalLARHYSS Journal
TitleSediment Deposition within Rainwater: Case Study Comparison of Four Different Sites in Ikorodu, Nigeria (2021)
AuthorsJohn CK, Pu JH*, Pandey M, Hanmaiahgari PR
TitleA review on hydrodynamics of free surface flows in emergent vegetated channels (2020)
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TitleAnalytical modelling of sidewall turbulence effect on streamwise velocity profile using 2D approach: A comparison of rectangular and trapezoidal open channel flows (2020)
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JournalJournal of Hydro-Environment Research
TitleReduction of time-dependent scour around piers using collars (2020)
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JournalWater Science and Technology: Water Supply
TitleSubmerged flexible vegetation impact on open channel flow velocity distribution: An analytical modelling study on drag and friction (2019)
AuthorsPu, Jaan H.; Hussain, Awesar; Guo, Yakun; Vardakastanis, Nikolaos; Hanmaiahgari, P.R.; Lam, Dennis
TitleNumerical and experimental analysis of shallow turbulent flow over complex roughness beds (2019)
AuthorsZhang, Y.; Rubinato, M.; Kazemi, E.; Pu, Jaan H.; Huang, Y.; Lin, P.
TitleTurbulent Rectangular Compound Open Channel Flow Study Using Multi-Zonal Approach (2019)
AuthorsPu, Jaan H.
TitleTurbulent rectangular compound open channel flow study using multi-zonal approach (2018)
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JournalEnvironmental Fluid Mechanics
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Other typeEditorial
TitleEnvironmental Hydraulics, Turbulence and Sediment Transport (2022)
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Other typeEditorial
TitleAdvances in modelling and prediction on the impact of human activities and extreme events on environments (2020)
AuthorsRubinato M.;Luo M.;Zheng X.;Pu J.H.;Shao S.

Title Author(s)
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