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Joe Frankland

Information about Joe Frankland at the University of Bradford.

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Joe Frankland is a dedicated professional with a passion for healthcare and a focus on enhancing the understanding and treatment of dementia through research and digital health technologies. He joined the university in 2020 as a Paramedic Lecturer and quickly excelled, earning a promotion to the position of Module Lead in 2021. In addition, he assumes the vital role of Induction Lead for the prestigious Paramedic Science BSc (Hons) program. Joe's career as a paramedic commenced alongside his studies at Coventry University, where he served with the esteemed West Midlands Ambulance Service. He furthered his educational journey by completing a BSc in Health and Social Care in York in 2019. Demonstrating his commitment to professional growth, Joe pursued advanced training in healthcare practice at Bradford University in 2020. Throughout his tenure with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service since 2014, Joe has consistently advanced his expertise, currently holding the role of Aspirant Specialist. He has made invaluable contributions as a member of the Ambulance Intervention Team and the Special Operations Team, undergoing rigorous training in managing major incidents. Joe predominantly operates on Rapid Response Vehicles, providing critical care as a fully qualified paramedic. His professional interests lie in service development and human factors, continually striving to optimise emergency medical services. Beyond his professional pursuits, Joe hails from Lancashire and possesses a multifaceted personality. While maintaining a keen focus on his work, he also harbours a deep interest in dementia research and digital health technologies. Recognising the importance of these fields, Joe actively expands his knowledge and understanding to contribute to advancements in dementia care and innovative digital health solutions. In his leisure time, he enjoys engaging in lively discussions on mixed martial arts and indulging in rock music.


Health technologiesPrehospital Critical care Prehospital dementia education