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Dr. Jessica Cook Hale,
Seismic Mapping Research Assistant

Information about Dr. Jessica Cook Hale at the University of Bradford.

School of Archaeological & Forensic Sci
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Photo of Dr. Jessica Cook Hale


Dr.Jessica Cook Hale is a marine geoarchaeologist who holds an MS in Geology, anda PhD in Anthropology from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. U.S.A.Her research synthesizes geological methods alongside anthropological andarchaeological theory to examine submerged landscapes, particularly those informerly coastal settings. She has worked on terminal Pleistocene to the middleHolocene submerged landscapes along the U.S. East Coast as wellas the Gulf of Mexico since 2005.

Her research questions generally focus oncoastal population dynamics of foragers, their reactions to sea level rise andclimate change, and site formation processes in submerged sites. Her past and present research employs marine geophysical methods alongside marine geoarchaeological approaches and includes scientific diving and submerged landscapes excavations as well as remote sensing approaches.