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Dr. Irfan Mehmood

Information about Dr. Irfan Mehmood at the University of Bradford.

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Irfan Mehmood is an Associate Professor specialising in Business Data Analytics within the Faculty of Management, Law, and Social Sciences at the University of Bradford, UK. He teaches and conducts research in the field of Applied AI and business data analytics.His expertise encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with a particular emphasis on Vision AI and Generative AI. Irfan's research extends into big data analytics, exploring innovative approaches to extract insights from vast datasets. Additionally, he is interested in the areas of sustainability, fostering sustainable business practices through data-driven strategies. Irfan is dedicated to shaping the next generation of business leaders equipped with the essential skills to navigate the complex landscape of data analytics and drive meaningful change in the business world. He has published papers in various areas such as medical imaging, video surveillance, visual analytics and social network data analytics.


Business Data AnalyticsArtificial IntelligenceMachine LearningVision AIGenerative AISustainability Explainable AI

Research supervision

Dr. Irfan Mehmood is responsible for the supervision of 1 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


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Modules Applied Machine Learning and Big Data StrategyBusiness Forecasting and AnalysisBusiness Data AnalyticsAI Methods and ToolsMachine Learning Methods and ModelsData Science for Applied AI

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