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Helen Young

Research Assistant - Dynamic Study

Faculty/Dept/School The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies
(Faculty of Health Studies)


I am a community physiotherapist by background, working previously for the NHS across urban and rural areas of Yorkshire over many years. Over the past decade I have gradually moved into research, driven by the desire to better influence quality of care and from that, enhance people’s quality of life. I have assisted in recruitment to Primary Care focussed research projects, the delivery of an exercise intervention in a multi-centre trial for older people with frailty and supported with the governance process of study set-up within an NHS organisation. I worked with people with dementia during my role as a community physiotherapist and this is what sparked a deep interest in dementia. I have previously studied with the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford and found the teaching positively impactful, both within clinical work and at home.


I am currently working on the DYNAMIC study, a research project about social care for people living with young onset dementia. Further details can be found through this link The DYNAMIC study