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Professor Hadj Benkreira

Information about Professor Hadj Benkreira at the University of Bradford.

Photo of Professor Hadj Benkreira


Research Groups: Advanced Materials Engineering and Sustainable Environments. BIOGRAPHY - Research in Advanced Materials Engineering: Hadj has been the principal investigator of over 20 EPSRC research awards since 1980 and has published over 100 papers in learned journals and conferences in the area of coating flows, viscous mixing and polymer processing. He leads with Professor Coates the University of Bradford Advanced Materials Engineering Research & Knowledge transfer Group integrated within the IRC in Polymer Science and Technology. This international research Centre is equipped with some of the most advanced experimental and computer modelling facilities to be found anywhere in the world. Some 50 researchers supported by EPSRC, DTI and 45 collaborating companies are presently involved in research in polymer rheology, process measurements, analysis and control, new process development and computer modelling of polymer processing operations and thin film coating science and technology. Professor Benkreira's research focuses on developing new processes to manufacture materials with advanced properties such as coatings, nanocomposites and other structured materials. Linked to this theme is his fundamental research on applied rheology in polymer processing operations and coating flows where these materials are produced. Research in Sustainability: Professor Benkreira's interest in Sustainability stems from his research to develop new acoustic and thermal insulation products using polymeric wastes residues that are normally dumped in landfills as the starting material. He has collaborated with European scientists in the multi-millions euros HOSANNA EU project (see which resulted in the development of a toolbox for the reduction of road and rail traffic noise in the outdoor environment throughout Europe. Professor Benkreira's contribution was to design acoustic and thermal insulation materials structures using elastomeric waste such as those produced by the car industry (rubber residues of tyres, bumpers, upholstery), waste carpets, tiles, etc. Current Senior Research Associates: Professors Phil Coates, Martin Gale, Adrian Kelly, Ben Whiteside, Dr Raj Patel, Amir Khan, Michael Martyn. Doctoral Research Associates: Yusuke Shibata: High Speed Reverse Roll Coating: Toyobo, Japan; Sreedhara Sarma: High Speed Deformable Roll Coating, Tata Steel; Richard Alpin: Fluid mechanics of multilayer coating dies, EPSRC/Tata Steel; Sararat Mahasaranon: Foaming of Polymer Composites, Thai Government; Atif Khan: Polymer Nanocomposite, EPSRC ; Abdelrahim Elgadafi: Wax Deposition in Pipeline Flow of Waxy Crude Oils, Libya National Oil Corporation; Miss Mohamed Fathia: Rheology of Inhibitor of Waxy Crude Oils, Libya Petroleum Institute; Abukader Fakroun: Wax Deposition in Pipeline Flow of Waxy Crude Oils, Libya National Oil Corporation, Naeem Al-Hilo: Acoustic and heat insulation materials, Irak Government, Khalid Nasir, Acoustic and heat insulation materials with fire retardancy, KTP.Honours/Editorship: Member of EPSRC Peer Review College (Materials); VP of the International Society of Coating Science and Technology (ISCST), Founder member of the European Coating Society, Editor of Proceedings of the ISCST series of conference in Journal Coating Technology and Research.