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Dr. Ria Vaportzis

Information about Dr. Ria Vaportzis at the University of Bradford.

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I hold an Honours in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, and a PhD in Psychology from Monash University. My PhD thesis investigated dual-tasking in healthy ageing and Huntington's disease. While doing my PhD, I worked as a teaching associate at Monash. Upon completion of my studies, I stayed at Monash and was involved in three multinational clinical studies in Huntington’s disease. In 2014, I got my first job as a postdoctoral researcher at Heriot-Watt University. My project, Tablet for Healthy Ageing, investigated the potential of tablet computers to improve the health and wellbeing in older adults. Following the Tablet for Healthy Ageing project, I was a Research Co-Investigator on a Velux Stiftung funded project, The Intervention Factory (also at Heriot-Watt). The Intervention Factory, considered community-based activities (e.g., computers, physical activity, handicraft, languages) as potential interventions for cognitive ageing. I joined the Psychology team at the University of Bradford in 2018. I led the Back Onside project that aimed to improve health outcomes in vulnerable people through physical activity (funded by UKRI HEIF). I am currently involved in two projects - one as principal investigator - that investigate perspectives of services users and clinicians on electronic mental health records (funded by UKRI Brad-ATTAIN and NIHR).In addition to my psychology qualifications, I hold qualifications in languages, sports journalism, personal training, and dancing.


My main research interests lie within the broad field of cognitive psychology. I am particularly interested in interventions that may improve cognition, mental health, quality of life and wellbeing of older adults to help them live independently for longer.


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I am the module leader for Conceptual Issues in Psychology and Mental Health (PSY4012), Cognitive Psychology and Psychobiology (PSY5018), Forensic Psychology (PSY6001) and Sandwich Year - Study Abroad Experience (PSY5000-Z)PhD students2024. Rosemary Awele Ebigwei Omeda. Rumination, worry and self-esteem as factors in depression and anxiety among hypertensive patients in Nigeria. Principal supervisor.2023. Ammarah Ikram. Perspectives of minority ethnic groups on OpenNotes for mental health. Principal supervisor.2023. Danielle Wood. A psychometric measure for eating behaviour. Associate supervisor.2022. Andrew Smith. Mental health and running. Principal supervisor.

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