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Dr. Emad Mohamed

Information about Dr. Emad Mohamed at the University of Bradford.

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I am an assistant professor (senior lecturer) of Business Analytics at the Bradford School of Management. My main area of research is Applied Artificial Intelligence in the areas of Business, Circular Economy, People Analytics and Management. I have also previously worked on Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. I have received major grants in the fields of Cultural Analytics and Digital Humanities.


I am interested in Applied Artificial Intelligence, especially in the field of Business Analytics. I have also worked on Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Cultural Analytics and Digital Humanities. Most recently, I have been working on the following "problems":Skills for the Digital Age: This track tries to provide a scientific answer to the question What do people need to excel in the digital age? We examine several domains and potential related skills and try to find the relations between skills and success.Understanding Mixed Customer Reviews: Most customer reviews are not purely positive or purely negative. Can we separte the positive aspects from the negative ones and find the relevant features in both cases?


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Teaching interests

I teach Applied Artificial Intelligence. Within this framework, I have taught:AI and Data Science for BusinessAI and Business AnalyticsUnix and Python ProgrammingProgramming in RMachine Learning for Natural Language ProcessingTranslation TechnologyCorpus Linguistics

Teaching modules

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