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Professor Eva Kipnis

Professor in Marketing

Faculty/Dept/School School of Management
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 232383


Professor Eva Kipnis joined the University of Bradford from the University of Sheffield. She holds a PhD in Marketing, for which she received a Best Thesis Award, and a MSc in International Marketing. Her research expertise interests culture-informed consumer behaviour and cultural meanings conveyed by brands, Diversity and Inclusion Engaged Marketing in multicultural marketplaces, Transformative Consumer Research and the development and deployment of socially-inclusive technologies in product and service innovations. Eva’s work regularly features in recognized journals, such as the Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Marketing Theory, Consumption, Markets & Culture, Journal of Macromarketing, edited collections and books and international conferences. An active contributor to the Transformative Consumer Research movement since 2011, Eva currently serves on the advisory committee for the Transformative Consumer Research and will co-chair the 2023 Transformative Consumer Research conference. She mentored and supervised to graduation several doctoral students in her areas of research interest and expertise and welcomes interest from prospective doctoral candidates. From September 2023, Eva also hold the role of the School of Management Director for Postgraduate Research.  

The impact of Eva's work on the social impacts of marketing activity, particularly in the area of multicultural inclusion and marketplace wellbeing, is recognised by the 2021 Women in Marketing Award in Marketing Scientist category which she received with an international team of collaborators forming a Multicultural Marketplaces research network she co-founded. She continues to co-chair the network, with the most recent project including Diversity and Inclusion Engaged Marketing (DIEM) Initiative – a collaborative platform bringing together researchers, industry and policy practitioners and educators working to advance Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in marketing discipline and actions. The initiative is supported by multiple funders including the Association for Consumer Research (USA), the University of Leicester ESRC Impact Accelerator, and IESEG School of Management (France).  Across her academic career, Professor Kipnis secured and co-investigated research projects with a total value of over £2.2 million.

In teaching area of her academic practice, Eva brings her previous experience of a marketing practitioner where she worked with international brands across multiple industries to her philosophy of engaging non-academic stakeholders for developing research and education innovations. She led the development and delivery of several teaching and training programmes and components, including international schools for doctoral and early career researchers and innovative modules and sessions for undergraduate and Masters students, such as Global/International/Multicultural Branding and Marketing, Marketing and Social Inclusion, Advertising Psychology and Research Methods. She also supervises Masters and Executive MBA projects. 


Broadly, my research aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of reducing inequalities and peace, justice and strong institutions. It is positioned at the intersection of international and multicultural marketing, consumer behaviour and wellbeing, and responsible management practice. 

My current work comprises four strands: 1) the role and impact of (multi)cultural meanings expressed and exchanged by market actors (consumers, brands, organisations) on cultural identity dynamics and inclusion/exclusion perceptions and cognitions by individuals and communities, and on intercultural relations; 2) development of marketing strategy frameworks to enable organisations and brands ethically and meaningfully engage with culturally diverse consumer populations; 3) development of inclusive consumer-centred frameworks for digital transformation; and 4) the role of marketing and brand activism in social resilience, with a particular focus on war/conflict zones. From the theoretical development perspective, I draw from insights of social identity theory, acculturation theory, institutional theory, schema theory and such concepts as multicultural marketplaces, consumer discrimination and vulnerability, Diversity and Inclusion Engaged Marketing. A stream of my work is positioned in the Transformative Consumer Research paradigm.


Teaching interests

The overarching philosophy I apply to my academic practice is underpinned by a firm belief that organisational goals can, and should, be achieved while at the same time serving to enhance social wellbeing and experience of consumers negotiating cultural and socio-political complexities of the global society. This philosophy translates into my specific teaching interests and specialisms, which include: Marketing and Social Inclusion, Global/International/Multicultural Marketing, Transformative Consumer and Service Research, Advertising Psychology and/or Marketing Communications, Research Methods. 

Professional activities

  • Transformative Consumer Research, Advisory committee member, co-chair of funding subgroup
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Marketer
  • Women in Marketing, Advisory board member, awards evaluator
  • Association for Consumer Research, member
  • American Marketing Association, member, faculty mentor
  • 01-JAN-15: Best Thesis Award
  • 01-JAN-16: Research-inspired teaching
  • 01-JAN-17: Research-inspired teaching
  • 01-JAN-20: Marketing Scientist
  • 01-JAN-22: Vice Chancellor's Awards for Doctoral Supervision (nomination)


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