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Jane Hastie is an Assistant Professor and the Programme Lead for Occupational Therapy at the University of Bradford.  Her teaching interests focus around anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, the factors influencing occupational performance and engagement, evidence informed practice, and interprofessional collaboration/transdisciplinary practice.  Jane has an extensive clinical background as an occupational therapist within physical rehabilitation services, specialising within stroke and neurology.  In clinical practice she took a lead role in implementing a range of service development initiatives. Jane has a particular interest in cognitive function and cognitive rehabilitation following neurological deficit. 

Jane has always had an interest in education and in facilitating the development of students and practitioners and her teaching and research interests have built on her clinical work.  She also has a keen interest in the student experience, assessment and ensuring academic governance.



A Systematic Review of the Barriers and Facilitators to the Implementation of Role Redesign and Workforce Change for Allied Health Professionals and Nurses within Interprofessional Health Care Teams.