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Dr. Dariya Mykhayliv

Information about Dr. Dariya Mykhayliv at the University of Bradford.

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Dariya Mykhayliv graduated from the University of Leeds with a PhD in Economics. Her research interests are at the intersection of microeconomics, financial economics, corporate governance and macroeconomics. One stream of her recent research investigates the impact of private benefits of managers on the (investment) behaviour of firms, both from a theoretical and empirical perspective. This research has applications to issues related to corruption and asset stripping frequently observed in transitional economies. Her other stream of recent research deals with macroeconomics, the financial system in Europe and its impact on inequality, in particular, alternative means of finance and comparisons between social and conventional banks with respect to financial performance and economic efficiency.


Applied Microeconomics, Financial Economics, Corporate Governance, Financial Constraints, Social banking and Alternative Finance, Economics of Transition


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Supervisor PhDPrinciple Supervisor DBASupervisor of Undergraduate Dissertations and Business Projects (BSc programmes)Supervision of Postgraduate Dissertations (MSc programmes) Supervision of MBA projects (Distance Learning MBA programmes)

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