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In 2007 I moved from my home country of Northern Ireland to West Yorkshire to attend the University of Leeds. After completing my BSc in Chemistry I undertook a Masters project investigating aerosol assisted vapour deposition of thin film transistor materials. My project sparked my love of research, particularly in medical technologies. 

I subsequently worked as a postgraduate researcher before changing career to Allied Health Professional. My Team Bradford journey commenced in 2016 when I was accepted onto the BSc Diagnostic Radiography undergraduate programme. 

My research skills were developed within the context of diagnostic radiography as an awardee of the College of Radiographers Industry Partnership (CoRIPS) Research Grant, which facilitated my investigation of the dose reduction potential of anti-scatter processing algorithms.

My clinical career commenced at Calderdale Huddersfield NHS Trust were I continued to work with the University of Bradford as a Clinical Supervisor supporting and facilitating practice-based learning for undergraduate students. 

In August 2021, I joined the School of Allied Health Professionals as a Clinical Teacher in Diagnostic Radiography, were I facilitate the effective integration of theory and clinical learning.