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Dr. Bana Shriky

Information about Dr. Bana Shriky at the University of Bradford.

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Bana holds a BPharm with a MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology. In 2019 she was awarded her PhD from the University of Bradford for her interdisciplinary work that combines materials engineering and biomedical sciences to develop injectable smart hydrogel drug delivery systems. Currently, Bana is a STARTER research fellow within the Polymer IRC at the University of Bradford. She is working to formulate and evaluate a multi-stimulus controlled release delivery carrier manufactured form biodegradable sustainable materials to be used to treat Psoriasis. Her research focuses on identifying the structure-property relationships of polymeric soft matter systems when subjected to different environments and link these to cellular interactions and drug release kinetics, utilising the methods in advanced materials engineering with pharmaceutical /biomedical sciences to predict the final structure and modulate released drug levels.Bana contributes regularly to teaching polymer and pharmaceutical engineering modules for both pharmacy and engineering courses.She has been an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2016 and was chosen as a Media Fellow British Science Association in 2019. During her media fellowship she worked as science correspondent and reported for the Daily Mail and the British Science Association. Bana is passionate about public engagement and science communication. She is a STEM ambassador and a contributing member of Café scientifique and Pint of Science teams.


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