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Dr. Berk Kucukaltan

Information about Dr. Berk Kucukaltan at the University of Bradford.

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Dr. Berk Kucukaltan completed his Ph.D. in business management at Brunel University London, with the Dean’s Prize for Innovation and Impact in Doctoral Research in the Brunel Business School. His research interests stretch across performance management and measurement, digital transformation strategies, strategic decision-making, logistics, innovation and technology management, and entrepreneurship subjects. In practice, he has an active mentorship portfolio for both the start-ups and the established businesses. In academia, in addition to his editorial board memberships in several journals listed in the Web of Science (WoS), he has a large number of publications in ABS-listed/WoS-indexed journals and in widely-known conferences. Editorial Boards:International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Emerald Group Publishing, ISSN: 1741-0401 (Associate Editor & Editorial Advisory Board Member) Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Emerald Group Publishing, ISSN: 1741-0398 (Editorial Advisory Board Member)Management Decision, Emerald Group Publishing, ISSN: 0025-1747 (Editorial Advisory Board Member)Business and Management Studies: An International Journal, ISSN: 2148-2586 (Editorial Board Member)  Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Emerald Group Publishing, ISSN: 1741-0398 (‘Multiple Criteria Decision Making’ Special Issue Co-Editor) Degrees:2016- Business Management, Brunel University London (Dean's Award), PhD2012- International Trade and Monetary Management, Marmara University (Honour's Degree), MSc2010- Industrial Engineering, Kocaeli University, BSc


Business PerformanceDigitalisationLogistics ManagementInnovation and Technology ManagementEntrepreneurshipInternational Journal Publications:- Aktas, E., Kurgun, A., Ozeren, E. and Kucukaltan, B. (2022). Real-Time Data Analysis (RTDA) and Proposed Innovative Business Models: A Conceptual Study of the Tourism Industry. International Journal of Organizational Leadership, 11 (Special Issue), 4-20, DOI: 10.33844/ijol.2022.60336 - Kucukaltan, B., Kamasak, R., Yalcinkaya, B. and Irani, Z. (2022). Investigating the themes in supply chain finance: The emergence of blockchain as a disruptive technology. International Journal of Production Research, (Early Access/Ahead-of-Print) - Karakas, S., Acar, A.Z. and Kucukaltan, B. (2022). Blockchain Adoption in Logistics and Supply Chain: A Literature Review and Research Agenda. International Journal of Production Research, (Early Access/Ahead-of-Print) - Kucukaltan, B., Saatcioglu, O.Y., Irani, Z. and Tuna, O. (2022). 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