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Professor Apostolos Vourdas

Information about Professor Apostolos Vourdas at the University of Bradford.

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200 journal papers and 65 conference papers (4600 citations and h-factor=38 according to Google Scholar SPRINGER monograph `finite and profinite quantum systems, 2017 65 invited talks and 65 contributed talks in international conferences teaching interests: Computer Architecture, Formal Methods in Computer Science, Computer Graphics


RESEARCH IN QUANTUM COMPUTING Finite Quantum Systems. Galois fields in Quantum Computing and applications to coding and cryptography. Algebraic number theory (e.g., p-adic numbers) in Quantum Mechanics and harmonic analysis. Analytic functions in quantum computing Group theory methods (e.g., profinite groups) in quantum computing Lattices, topology and logic in the context of quantum computing Time-frequency analysis, wavelets, applications to large data analysis. Mesoscopic Josephson devices


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