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Atif Saddiq

Information about Atif Saddiq at the University of Bradford.

Photo of Mr Atif Saddiq


Atif began his pharmacy journey in 2009, at the University of Bradford on the MPharm sandwich course. For his pre-registration placements, Atif completed 6 months with The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and Medicare Chemists in Huddersfield, and later registered as a pharmacist in 2014. Atif began his career as a pharmacist working as a community pharmacy locum and volunteered as a teaching assistant at The University of Bradford. After being registered for 7-months, Atif secured a position with Medicare Chemists as a Pre-registration Coordinator; at 11 months post registration Atif began to work in General Practice with Prescribing Support Services Ltd. Over the past few years Atifs role as a General Practice pharmacist and Pre-registration Coordinator has developed. Duties as a General Practice Pharmacist currently include carrying out medication reviews, assessing patients with minor illnesses, and being involved in various other general practice activities; he registered as an independent prescriber in September 2017. His duties as a pre-registration coordinator involve helping pre-registration students prepare for their registration assessment through study days and mentoring them through the pre-registration year. Atif secured a role as a Clinical Teacher at the University of Bradford in November 2016 and since then has been involved in providing practice experience to a range of classes, conducting primary care interprofessional learning placements and assisting with assessments.