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Anutthaman Parthasarathy

Information about Anutthaman Parthasarathy at the University of Bradford.

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Anutthaman (Hari) Parthasarathy is a chemically oriented biochemist focussing mainly on bacterial metabolism in various contexts. He has worked extensively on the enzymology and metabolism of anaerobes, later moving to other topics. After conducting research in top-ranking research institutes in the EU and USA, he worked in grassroots science education and outreach in his native India for a few years. Subsequently, he worked with undergraduates as a research scientist again in the US, before joining Bradford. His current interests are: the gut microbiome, antimicrobial discovery & resistance, One Health, etc. His public research profile can be found here


Microbes, Metabolism, Enzymes, Bioactive Small Molecules, Biofilms, Pollution & One Health, Antimicrobial Discovery & Resistance, Gut Microbiome, Environmental Biotechnology & Bioremediation, Natural Products, Microfluidics.


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Teaching highlights

Yr1 Introductory Microbiology (BIS4013-B), Yr3 Research topics in Medical Microbiology II (BIS6010-B), Yr2 Medical Microbiology (BIS5008-B), Yr3 Research topics in Medical Microbiology I (BIS6008-B), Developing Professional Skills 1 (BIS4003-B)