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Dr. Aleks Mankowska

Information about Dr. Aleks Mankowska at the University of Bradford.

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Aleks is an optometrist and lecturer in the Bradford School and Vision Science (BSOVS). She has responsibility for the Paediatric, Binocular Vision and Reading Difficulty Clinics working with final year students who are gaining clinical experience of patients presenting with problems of eye muscle coordination or difficulty with reading. She also works in the Special Schools Eyecare Service, delivering eye care services to children and young people with learning disabilities and autism. She has worked as a Clinical Supervisor in undergraduate Optometry clinics at the Universities of Bradford and Manchester. Aleks's first degree (also from Bradford) was in Modern Languages, after which she worked for 11 years in the automotive industry mainly in customer management and logistics. She has also worked as a team member and team leader on many office-based and shop-floor projects aimed at improving workflow or customer service. She returned to study in 2003, graduated from Bradford in 2007 with a BSc (Hons) in Optometry. She was awarded a PhD in 2013 for a study of blur adaptation in human vision. For a number of years she combined part-time roles of Staff Optometrist at Bradford University and Specialist Optometrist at York Hospital. At York she worked as a Specialist Optometrist in the AMD Treatment Clinic and was part of the Ophthalmology Research team. She has practised as a locum optometrist, with experience of both the multiple and independent sectors. In September 2019 Aleks became a full-time member of the BSOVS.


Binocular VisionThe reading processAdaptation to blur and the impact on visual performanceMacular Degeneration


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Binocular VisionAssessment of visual problems of reading difficulties


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