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Dr Alejandro Gonzalez Aquines


Faculty/Dept/School School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership
(Faculty of Health Studies)


I am a medical doctor and public health professional passionate about improving healthcare delivery based on scientific evidence applied to the local context.

My interest in health systems and services began during my medical training at a tertiary public hospital in Mexico, where I witnessed patients and their caregivers navigating a complex system to receive care. I knew there had to be a better way, and so I began exploring innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and resource efficiency.

I led the implementation of an electronic health record for a stroke registry and the first telestroke unit in Mexico, which resulted in improved patient outcomes and more efficient use of resources. Realising my passion for public health and health systems, I pursued a master's in public health at the University of Sheffield in England and specialised in health systems at the Jagiellonian University in Poland. As a result, I am proficient in systematic reviews, data analysis, health system and services evaluation, and knowledge sharing.

Currently, I serve as a Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Bradford in England, where I work closely with students to help them become the professionals they aspire to be. Additionally, I work as a consultant for the World Bank in the Europe and Central Asia region, using my technical expertise to find solutions to improve health systems and population health outcomes while addressing the broader social determinants of health.

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of my work, and I believe in the importance of knowledge-sharing, respect, and trust to achieve shared goals. I am always open to contributing my skills and expertise to research or implementation projects in health systems, health services, and stroke research.


  • Health Systems
  • Health Services
  • Integrated Care
  • Organisation and Coordination of Care
  • Systematic Review and Research Synthesis


Year Module code Title Subject
HWS4012-BIntroduction to Public Health
HWS5018-BGlobal Challenges in Public Health

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-21: Jagiellonian University, Poland - Master's in Public Health - Specialisation in Health Systems
  • 01-JAN-20: The University of Sheffield, UK - Master's in Public Health
  • 01-JAN-18: Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico - Medical Degree

  • 06-SEP-20: Health Systems Global, Member
  • 15-JUN-22: The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region, Member

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian


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TitleStrengthening Hospitals for a Post-COVID-19 Future in Poland (2021)
AuthorsAnna Koziel, Mukesh Chawla, Katarzyna Dubas-Jakóbczyk, Richard Siegrist, Alejandro Gonzalez Aquines, Barbara Skwarczyńska, Mohammed Edreess Sahak
PublisherWorld Bank Group

Other typeResearch Paper
TitleAccessibility and effectiveness of mechanical thrombectomy for ischaemic stroke in Latin American countries : a rapid review of the literature (2021)
AuthorsGonzalez-Aquines Alejandro, Gongora-Rivera Fernando, Bochenek Tomasz
PublisherJournal of Health Policy & Outcomes Research