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Andrew Daly-Smith

Reader in Healthy Childhood

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Health Studies


Dr Andy Daly-Smith is a reader in physical activity and healthy childhood. He leads the Wolfson centre for applied research health childhood theme. His research focuses on the design, development and evaluation of behaviour change interventions for physical activity and health in children. He is heavily involved in the Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research and Born in Bradford as a Research Director on the Sport England funded Join Us: Move Play programme. Recently, Andy led the co-development of the first UK-based whole-school physical activity framework with 50 regional, national and international stakeholders. The model has been widely adopted across the UK to drive systems change for health and physical activity within schools. In May 2018 he co-delivered a TEDxEducation talk on physically active learning.


Physical Activity 


Systems change 

Executive Function 

Academic Performance 

Child Heath 

Date Role Title / Description Funder Award
01-JUL-19 - 01-JUL-25Research Director Join Us: Move Play
01-SEP-19 - 31-AUG-22Co-Investigator ACTivating Classroom Teachers: teachers on the move
01-SEP-19 - 30-SEP-20Principal Investigator Evaluation of the Evolve Project HERO Schoosl programme


Teaching highlights

Course Leader 

BSc (Hons) Sport, Physical Activity and Health 

BA (Hons) Physical Education with Outdoor Education 

External Examiner 

University of Huddersfield: Physical Activity, Exercise and Health 

New Buckinghamshire University: Physical Activity, Exercise and Health 

Module Leadership (selected)

Leadership of Physical Activity in Children and Young People

Physically Active Learning 

Whole-school approaches to physical activity 


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Other typeEditorial
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