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Dr. Adrian Evans

Information about Dr. Adrian Evans at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Adrian A. Evans is an Archaeological Scientist with wide-ranging research interests in methodological development and applications of novel technologies to develop digital heritage and archaeological and forensic inquiry. He is based in the School of Archaeological & Forensic Sciences at the University of Bradford and works closely with colleagues involved in Engineering and International Development. His current work focuses on the use of digital heritage as a tool in societal and economic growth and is working with displaced communities to test the use of digital heritage to build resilience. On collaborative research focusing on digital transformations he has designed and developed macro structured light scanners for object documentation to aid fragmented object refitting, has introduced the application of 3D microscopy to applied fields within archaeological science, primarily focusing on early stone tool use, and has developed a citizen science program of research as a means to survey small objects in large landscapes.


3D documentation, microscopy, project design and management, early prehistoric archaeology, drone applications, citizen science


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