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Department of Sociology and Criminology

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Criminology

We are a multi-disciplinary department and have been researching and teaching within Sociology and Criminology for over 40 years.  With us, you can study BA (Hons) Sociology and BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Behaviour.

Our innovative teaching hinges on ensuring our curricula are not only relevant in a rapidly changing world but are deeply meaningful to our students and the communities to which they belong and value.

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My favourite part about learning is definitely learning about myself, my identity, my background, how it shaped me, giving me the opportunity to just develop as a person. Karolina Lydka, BA (Hons) Sociology

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Doctoral research in the Social Sciences requires passion, dedication, and a drive to conduct your own research around an area of interest. Undertaking a PhD with Sociology and Criminology, respectively, means that you will be a part of a research community that aims to produce research that not only has a positive impact on a local level, but also a global level.

Throughout the process, you will be supported by an expert supervisory team, not only from within Sociology and Criminology, but also cross faculty collaborations with experts from Pease and International Development, Psychology, Health, and Law. You will also have access to PGR lounge for peer-support.

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The Postgraduate Research Lounge.

The Postgraduate Research Lounge.

Supervision support has been absolutely phenomenal. My supervisors have been great guidance every step along the way. It could not have been made possible without their nurture and support. Doug Shulz, PhD in Sociology