Financial Support

Financial support is available from the University and external sources to help you through your studies.


Student loans


The Student Finance service provides student loans to help pay for tuition fees and the cost of living, depending on your circumstances.

You'll be charged interest on your loan as soon as you take it out, but you only start repayments once you earn more than a certain amount - currently £21,000. 

Repayments are based on how much you earn, not how much you've borrowed.

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Government loans are available for Postgraduate students studying full-time and part-time Master's courses, and for research students.

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University of Bradford Hardship Fund

The University of Bradford Hardship Fund is a source of means-tested and discretionary financial assistance available from the University.

It is intended to help students who have genuine and unavoidable financial difficulties to remain in Higher Education. Any help you receive from the Fund is usually non-repayable.

Who is eligible for the Hardship Fund?

You may be eligible to apply for the Hardship Fund if you are a:

  • student with children
  • mature student with existing financial commitments
  • student from a low-income family
  • student that has disabilities
  • student who is a care leaver or from Foyers - specific grants are available
  • student in your final year of study

Eligible home* students studying undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time courses (studying the equivalent of at least 50% of a full-time course) can apply. Overseas students, and EU students who are eligible for tuition fee support cannot apply to this fund.


To apply you must be fully enrolled, and if you are eligible to receive student loans you must have received your first instalment.

*A home student is defined as a person who meets certain residency conditions. Usually this means you must have an unrestricted right to enter and remain in the UK, and you have been ordinarily resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of your course. None of this time must have been wholly or mainly for the purpose of receiving full-time education.

If you feel you meet the criteria and would like to apply for a grant please contact the Student Support and Guidance Team.

Hardship Fund Loan

The University doesn’t generally offer loans from the Hardship Fund. Payments from this fund are usually grants and not re-payable. One exception to the rule is when full-time undergraduates meet the following criteria:

  • You have applied in good time for your funding from Student Finance England but this has been delayed
  • You are in financial difficulty

The usual amount is up to £50 per week for single students and £100 per week for students with dependants, for a maximum of 4 weeks. Once you have received your first payment from Student Finance England you will need to repay your loan.

Student talking

Students leaving care

The University of Bradford has made a firm commitment to supporting students who are care leavers in higher education. As a result of this commitment the University has been awarded a Quality Mark from children's charity The Frank Buttle Trust.

If you are a student who has been in care then there will be extra support for you including a grant of £1,000 a year funded by the University.

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Financial Relief Fund

This support is funded by the University and usually takes the form of an interest-free loan to be paid back at an appropriate time.

It is available for all current full-time Home, EU and International students, both undergraduate and postgraduate who can demonstrate that they are suffering hardship for reasons beyond their control.

Student recieving advice

Charities and Trusts

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust

Funding is available to support full-time UK students who are studying for their first degree. The be eligible for this funding you must be a child or spouse of a commercial traveller, chemist or grocer. Scholarships are up to £3,000 per year and are aimed at students in financial hardship.

For more information about the Trust please visit the Leverhulme Trust website - applications for this scholarship must be made through the University.


Elizabeth Howard Trust Fund

We have a small amount of money in the that is used to assist full-time female students who need extra support. Please get in touch for more details.

Schools Competition Act Settlement Trust

If you are considering postgraduate study and attended an independent school then you may be able to apply for an award through this Trust.

Extra help

Extra financial support is available for:

  • disabled students
  • students with children or dependent adults
  • students on a low income
  • medical and social work students
  • students studying abroad

Visit the Student Finance website for more information.

Get in touch

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