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Resources for distance learners

As a distance learning student at the University of Bradford, support and resources are provided by the university, your faculty, and the Language Centre.

Self-study resources

The self-study resources hosted on the University of Bradford Virtual Learning Environment Canvas can help to improve the English skills you feel are most important for you; listening, speaking, reading or writing.

For example, if you are worried about speaking in English in your seminars, the materials under ‘Speaking’ practice pronunciation or asking questions in seminars. In Writing, you can see how to organise paragraphs, academic writing rules and how to use referencing. The Reading section suggests how you might read more quickly or understand arguments in a text. The Listening section explains how to take effective lecture notes and to identify key academic language. The Grammar section looks at tenses, word formation and many other useful grammar points with examples, practice activities and answer keys so you can check your progress.

Register for the Language Centre's Canvas page.

One-to-ones (Skype tutorials)

The one-to-one section gives you details of how to request an opportunity to discuss a sample of your work for 20-30 mins with an individual English Language Centre tutor using Skype. Skype enables free video or voice calls via your mobile, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

Please contact us for more information.